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Breaux Vineyards

Breaux Vineyards Come enjoy the internationally acclaimed wines of Breaux Vineyards. Our 400 acre estate has over 65 acres planted in ten different grape varieties. Nestled between the hills, our vineyard plantings extend up the Short Hill Mountain. Long vistas of the Blue Ridge Mountains can be enjoyed from our tasting room, Patio Madeleine and our landscaped terraces. We are located only an hour from metropolitan DC, Dulles and BWI airports and a short distance from historic Harpers Ferry, WV. Open daily from 11 am to 5 pm. Closed New Year's Day, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

From Leesburg, take Route 7 West approximately 4 miles to Route 9 West. Go 8 miles to Hillsboro, then 2 miles to Route 671. Bear right onto Route 671 (Harpers Ferry Road) and continue 1 mile to Breaux Vineyards(on the right).

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36888 Breaux Vinyards Lane, Hillsboro, VA, US, 20132 Email:
Phone: 540-668-6299 Web:
Fax: 540-668-6283
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This is our late harvest, ice style dessert / aperitif wine. It is made of 100% late harvest Vidal Blanc. Serve well chilled.
  Barrel Select Chardonnay
Barrel ageing & 30% m.l.f provide a stunning combination of spicy vanilla, smoky oak flavors & creamy butter.
  Breaux Soleil
An initial partial picking of the Vidal block was used for the Vidal Blanc. The remainder of the grape clusters remained on the vine to ripen further. The clusters were picked at high sugar levels, then frozen in the winery. Pressing the grapes in a frozen state yielded juice of very high natural sugar levels. It was then fermented very slow and cold until the residual sugar was around 12%. The fermentation was stopped and the wine was unfiltered at bottling. Gold Medal ~ 2002 VWGA Virginia Wine Comp. Silver Medal ~ 2002 Virginia Governor's Cup. Silver Medal ~ 2001 Riverside (Ca.) Int'l Wine Comp. Silver Medal ~ 2001 Long Beach (Ca.) Grand Cru. Silver Medal ~ 2001 San Francisco Int'l Comp. Bronze Medal ~ 2001 Atlanta Int'l Wine Summit. Bronze Medal ~ 2001 Town Point Va Wine Comp.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
Enjoy the indulgent aromas suggestive of smoky cherry & raspberry. On the palate the wine builds complexity & offers rich, earthy flavors & chocolate.
  Chere' Marie (Vidal Blanc)
Chere' Marie is a refreshing and well-balanced semi dry wine. This wine has superb aromas of green apple and melon, with a flavor explosion highly suggestive of fresh picked apricot, and finishes with a crisp, zesty finish
  Jolie Blonde
Dry, Crisp and bursting with citrus! This is our dryest. Made of the hybrid, Seval Blanc, it will pair with most seafood dishes and a variety of canapes. This is a great choice for those who enjoy Sauvignon Blanc.
100% Cabernet Franc—Medium bodied wine with aromas of fresh fig , black pepper and dried plum. Flavors of pepper and cherry abound.
  Madeleines Chardonnay
Steel fermented with complex aromas that suggest honeysuckle & tropical fruit. Flavors of ripe pear with hints of strawberry & kiwi abound.
Highly decorated gold metal wine, coast to coast. Concentrated aromas suggest dried fruit with a pleasant roasted quality.
This wine, made from the ancient Nebbiolo grape, is recognized as the "King of Wines" and the "Wine of Kings". This is a robust wine with hints of red cherry, raspberry, and dark chocolate. Firm tannins and balanced acidity marry to add great dimension to this very unique wine.
  Sauvignon Blanc
Our Sauvignon Blanc ripens mid-September, usually just after the Seyval. In certain years, fruit is dropped earlier in the season to insure fully ripe fruit at harvest. Fruit is hand harvested, chilled overnight, hand sorted, and whole cluster pressed, skipping the destemming and crushing operation. The goal is to avoid any possible pickup of unpleasant flavors from skin contact in the crusher. The juice is cold settled, racked and inoculated with VL-3 yeast, specially selected for the Sauvignon Blanc. A long, slow fermentation produced varietal herbal qualities with hints of citrus and grapefruit. Silver Medal ~ 2002 Virginia Governor's Cup Silver Medal ~ 2001 Virginia State Fair. Silver Medal ~ 2001 VWGA Virginia Wine Comp. Bronze Medal ~ 2002 VWGA Virginia Wine Comp.
  Seyval Blanc
Our Seyval is usually harvested in the 1st to 2nd week of September. Sugars are in the 21 to 22 Brix (% sugar) range. Fruit is hand harvested into lugs, then refrigerated overnight. After the overnight chill, all of the fruit is hand sorted, to remove any leaves, sticks or debris. In general, the hand sorting requires all fruit to pass a tight quality control checkpoint. After being destemmed, and lightly crushed, the must is transferred to the membrane press where the fruit is gently pressed. Then the juice is transferred to a jacketed tank for two days of settling.After settling, the juice is racked to another tank, where the yeast is introduced and the fermentation begins. Very cold fermentation over about six weeks yields maximum fruity character in the wine. Gold Medal - 2002 Vinifera Wine Growers Association Competition. Silver Medal - 2003 Riverside CA International Wine Competition. Bronze Medal - 2003 Virginia Governor's Cup Wine Competition
  Sweet Evangeline
This is a blended wine consisting of predominately Vidal, Chardonnay, and Viognier
  Vidal Blanc
What a wonderful hybrid grape! It grows well in areas not as suitable for Vinifera and produces an incredibly fruity, semi dry wine. The Vidal grapes are hand harvested, chilled, hand sorted, destemmed, crushed, pressed, and the juice is settled for 2 days. This juice is fermented very, very slowly at temperatures of 45 degrees or colder and fermentation is stopped at 2 Brix(2% sugar by volume). Gold Medal ~ 2002 VWGA Virginia Wine Comp. Silver Medal - 2003 Va. Governor's Cup Wine Comp. Bronze Medal - 2003 Los Angeles County Fair.
Beautiful tropical aromas and flavors. Orange blossom, honey and freshly sliced pineapple dominate the palate. crisp acidic finish. "Best of VA"


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