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Villa Appalaccia Winery

Villa Appalaccia Winery Villa Appalaccia is one of the more unique of the Virginia wineries. A Virginia TAR HEEL winery and we are one of two wineries in Virginia featuring wines inspired by both Northern and Southern Italy. The winery is one mile north of another one of Virginia wineries, Chateau Morrisette. The ambiance of Villa Appalaccia is that of an Italian Tuscan country house. Villa Appalaccia is one of the true Virginia Farm wineries with a capacity for 3000 cases per year all produced from our own grapes. We are situated above the Rock Castle Gorge National Forest on the Blue Ridge Parkway (mile post 170) at an altitude of 3500 ft.The vineyard was planted in 1989 and the winery was licensed in 1996. In 1999, we produced 3000 cases. Villa Appalaccia features award-winning wines derived from Sangiovese-Cabernet Franc blends as well as Pinot Grigio, Malvasia, Primitivo, Corvina (Amarone) and Aglianico. Come to the Blue Ridge Parkway, take in the scenery, visit Mabry Mill and our neighbor, Chateau Morrisette Winery. Visit us to enjoy our uniquely Italian-inspired wines with a plate of cheese and crusty bread or relax and learn about matching these versatile wines with food in one of the most unique of Virginia wineries.

From WASHINGTON DC, take I66 to I81 and go south to the second Christiansburg exit, to Rt 8. Follow Rt 8 east thru Floyd and 6 miles further to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Go south on Parkway, 5.2 miles, to Rt 720 on the left (immediately after the mp 170 sign on right). Follow the gravel road to the winery entrance. From CHARLOTTESVILLE, take I 64 west to I 81 and go south to the second Christiansburg exit, to Rt 8. Follow Rt 8 east thru Floyd and 6 miles further to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Go south on Parkway, 5.2 miles, to Rt 720 on the left (immediately after the mp 170 sign on right). Follow the gravel road to the winery entrance.

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Our first release of this vibrant complex wine. Aglianco comes from the hills east of Naples and is recognized as one of the premier grapes of Italy.
Late harvest Vidal Blanc. Nicely balanced fruit, sweetness and acidity. Server with soft cheeses and fruit, cheesecake or fruit tart.
  Cabernet Franc
FRANCESCO, is produced from our exceptional Cabernet Franc grapes picked at the peak of their maturity. Our high elevation and proximity to the Blue Ridge rewards us with hot days and very cool nights. As a result, grapes retain their acidity while maturing their tannins. The wine is full of ripe cherry and raspberry flavors with a hint of oak and a pronounced smoky nose. Beginning with the 2002 vintage, we will have two distinct bottlings of this wine. The first, "Ballerina" named after the divided canopy growth conditions, routinely produces high yields per vine with rich and intense fruit. In contrast our newer, high density plantings which produce only a third as much crop per vine, "VSP" emphasizes structure and definition seldom found in the grape outside of St. Emilion.
Lirico is produced in the tradition of the famous white table wines of Orvieto and the Veneto. The Vidal Blanc grape retains much of the character of the parent Trebbiano and we have utilized this to reproduce the clean, crisp body familiar in Northern Italian wines. Lirico, like all our white wines, is fermented in stainless steel under cool conditions to retain maximum varietal character. The resulting wine is dry, but well balanced, and matches pasta as well as seafood dishes and is robust enough to complement the spiciest of foods. This is definitely our favorite food wine!
  Pinot Grigio
Pinot Grigio is a real award winning wine for us. Currently we are producing one version of this famous wine, one that more closely matches the wines of Alsace and Oregon. This is a rich, full bodied and very complex dry wine, fermented in stainless and a wine well matched to pasta and seafood dishes. Steve the wine grower, prefers this wine to all others for mouth feel and pleasure in the glass. As our new plantings of this grape come on line, we will also produce a Pinot Grigio more closely styled after the crisp, steely versions popularized by the wines of the Veneto.
PRIMITIVO is our most prized posession, being to date, the only significant East Coast planting of this Southern Italian variety. Recently identified as a "twin" of Zinfandel, Primitivo in our vineyard, produces the most amazing Italian red food wine. A rare combination of balanced acidity, tannins and fruit in the absence of oak. This is a wine that takes some time to mature in the bottle and will make a fine wine to cellar. Although closely related to Zinfandel, growing in Virginia it takes on the very Italian character of this grape and is not to be mistaken for a West Coast wine. It is very difficult to grow because of the tendency to burst following rain. In spite of this, we have committed 25% of our vineyard to this great variety.
SANGIOVESE is produced in the tradition of the famous Tuscan Chianti. We are probably the only producers in the USA that field-blend the three varieties of grapes to make a classic "uvagio". The Sangiovese grapes are co-fermented with the two white varieties, Malvasia and Trebbiano. Contrary to much of the popular press, this is not to dilute the red grapes with less expensive white grapes, but to add aromatic properties from the Malvasia as well as tannins from the skins of the white grapes. This is one of the rare occasions where white grapes are fermented on their skins! The grapes are fermented to dryness, racked to neutral oak barrels. The result in our hands is a smooth, medium-bodied red wine of intense aroma and mouth feel, ruby red in color, a true Chianti with a Virginia soul. A great wine, well suited to Mediterranean foods.
Simpatico is produced in the classical Tuscan style as a dry, intensely fruity and aromatic table wine. The Malvasia Bianca grape has the memorable spicy character of the Moscato and Gewurtzraminer grapes. The wine is a perfect match for seafood, light pastas but is a superb foil for Thai foods as well as rich, creamy cheeses. This really is a unique wine for Virginia!
TOSCANELLO is produced in keeping with the modern trend in Italy to blend Sangiovese, Primitivo with Cabernet. The two soft varietals, Sangiovese (25%) and Cabernet Franc (65%) contribute the intense tobacco, plum and herb characteristics: Primitivo, contributes a lively acidity and tannin structure. This medium bodied wine is ready to drink within 18 months but will intensify in complexity with aging. A perfect match for meats and pastas. This wine is consistently identified by professional wine reviewers as an authentic Italian red that complements most Italian cooking. It is also our personal choice for marinating game. Ask us for our venison marinade and reduction sauce with red currants!


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