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Weibel Vineyards

Weibel Vineyards Through three generations, the Weibel Family has been producing California Champagne and fine wines, (including for many years the popular Green Hungarian) for over 8 decades, first in their native Switzerland, and then since 1938 after moving to California. When Fred E. Weibel, Sr. and his father Rudolf came to California, they brought with them classic, old-world winemaking techniques and traditions, combined with a personal commitment to quality and excellence. Today, the Weibel Family continues to make California Champagne, and a variety of excellent wines under the Weibel Family label, ranging from Chardonnay to Zinfandel grown in our Estate Vineyard in Mendocino County, and our popular Almond, Peach, Pomegranate, or Raspberry Sparkelle. Weibel Family Vineyards & Winery also provides private, control, and custom labels to industry partners such as casinos, hotels, restaurants, wine shops, etc, under such brands as Stone Creek, Knightsdale, Truscott, James Arthur Field, and Road 'i'.


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13 N. School Street, Lodi, CA, US, 95240 Email:
Phone: 209-370-6013 Web:
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  California Fortune
el's California Fortune has just a "Hint of Sweetness: and a light Spritz. The subtle blending of a myriad of flavors has resulted in a wine that is soft and dilicate. An ideal accompaniment for most foods, yet is perfect to enjoy as a "sipping wine." Weibel's California Fortune is in a package which mirrors the unusual flavor of this distinctive wine. The dynamic red, blue and gold embossed label is complimented by a cobalt blue bottle, which is reminiscent of Eastern Lifestyles -- serene yet intense; simple yet complex. To further carry out this theme, there is a "fortune" imprinted on every cork.
  Green Hungarian
Green Hungarian, a rare varietal grape, has been a secret enjoyed by wine drinkers for over a centuery. Delicate, with a light floral bouquet and just a hint of sweetness, this pale straw colored wine is the ideal accompaniment to virtually any occasion. Enjoyable chilled or at room temperature, it makes a delicious sipping wine. One of the most versatile wines in the market, it's perfect for parties and celebrations, outdoors at the beach, picnics and sporting events, all holiday occasions and even fine dining. Weibel Estate Vineyards is the exclusive national producer of this uncommon varietal. The Green Hungarian grape is grown on limited acreage in California. Careful blending techniques are employed to ensure retention of the varietal's delicate flavors.


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