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Stone Hill Winery

Stone Hill Winery The Midwest’s Most Awarded Winery Winner of 253 medals in 2003. Newcomers to Branson may be surprised to find Missouri’s oldest and most awarded winery as one of the town’s most popular attractions. With 12,000 square feet of space, Stone Hill Winery’s Branson location has been receiving and entertaining visitors since 1986. The winery, located at the junction of Highway 165 and Green Mountain Drive (just two blocks south of Business 76), delights thousands of tourists daily with a free, fun-filled hour of touring and tasting. Visitors are guided through the huge winery complex where they witness the step-by-step winemaking process. First, a short film is presented, which depicts the proud tradition of Missouri winemaking and focuses on the vineyards and cellars of the winery’s main headquarters in Hermann, Missouri. Next, guests are invited to watch the actual bottling process of Stone Hill’s famous Spumante wines and soak in the delightful aromas of maturing Sherry, which is first baked and then aged in oa

Located 60 miles west of St. Louis and 15 miles south of Interstate 70, just off of Highway 19 and Highway 100. Approximately 1.5 hours.

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1110 Stone Hill Highway, Hermann, MO, US, 65041 Email:
Phone: 800-909-9463 Web:
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  Blanc de Blancs
Bronze Medal - 2006 Florida State Fair, FL. Crisp and delicate, our Brut-style Blanc de Blancs is made from 100% Vidal grapes, naturally fermented in this bottle and riddled by hand in the traditional French method, Methode Champenoise.
Silver Medal - 2004 Missouri State Fair, MO. Stone Hill's version of a White Zinfandel! A bit lighter & more delicate than a traditional Rosé. Light and fruity-perfect for picnics & brunches.
Vibrant aromas and flavors of toffee, black currant and cherry compote set off by plenty of smoky, toasty oak and a hint of black pepper. Medium-bodied with soft tannins and a lingering finish. Chambourcin perfectly complements grilled meats, pastas in rich red sauces and ripe cheeses such as Brie or Camembert.
Gold Medal - 2006 New World International, CA. It's elegant, rich and complex, a perfect dry wine to serve with your favorite seafood, chicken and light pasta dishes. Comparable to a Chardonnay, its wonderful bouquet and flavor are enhanced by aging "sur-lie" in small oak barrels.
Gold Medal - "Double Gold" - 2006 Florida State Fair, FL. Bursting with the sweet, rich, robust flavor of ripe Missouri Concord grapes. Make your own wine cooler with our Concord or enjoy as a dessert wine.
  Cream Sherry
Gold Medal - 2006 Missouri State Fair, MO. Our Cream Sherry is a luxuriously sweet, fragrant and complex fortified dessert wine. It possesses the rich, nutty flavor and aroma characteristic of traditional sherry, which develops during extended aging in old, small oak barrels. (500 ml)
  Golden Rhine
Gold Medal - 2006 Missouri State Fair, MO. A semi-sweet, traditional German-style white wine similar to an Auslese. Loaded with luscious ripe fruit aromas & flavors. Excellent with fresh fruit and other light desserts.
  Golden Spumante
Gold Medal - "Double Gold" - 2006 San Francisco International, CA. A rich, fruity, semi-sweet sparkler that's sure to delight those who love spumante. Ideal for picnics & summer entertaining.
Silver Medal - 2006 Missouri State Fair, MO. Fresh, fruity aromas and a mellow palate structure make Hermannsberger the perfect dry red wine to enjoy young with pizza, pasta, steaks or burgers. Comparable to a lighter-style Merlot.
  Late Harvest Vignoles
Jefferson Trophy - 2006 Jefferson Cup Invitational, MO. Nectar of the Gods! Some years, a perfect growing season produces extra ripe Vignoles (veen'yole) with complex botrytis like the great Sauternes of France. Careful selection of individual bunches results in a prized dessert wine with complex honey, peach and floral aromas and flavors that linger toward infinity on the palate. Comparable to German Beerenauslese or French Sauterne.
  Late Harvest Vivant
Gold - 2006 Missouri State Fair, MO. Perfect growing conditions in 2004 enticed us to produce this delicate prized dessert wine! Quince, lychee and apricot flavors and aromas linger delightfully on the palate.
  Missouri Champagne
Silver Medal - 2004 Missouri State Fair, MO. Crisp and delicate, our Brut-style champagne is made from 100% Vidal grapes, naturally fermented in this bottle and riddled by hand in the traditional French method, Methode Champenoise.
Gold Medal - "Best of Class" - 2006 San Francisco Chronicle, CA. This is a robust, deeply colored, dry red wine with distinctive Norton varietal character. Aged for one year in French, Hungarian & American oak barrels, this wine shows a complex mix of fruit, spice and oak. Comparable to a Shiraz. Enjoyable now, Norton should be at its best from five to 10 years from vintage date.
  Pink Catawba
Gold Medal - 2007 San Francisco Chronicle, CA. Light, sweet and full of the famous Catawba flavor. Great after-dinner or dessert wine.
Bronze Medal - 2007 San Francisco Chronicle, CA This Vintage-style Port is produced in very limited quantities using traditional methods. A vintage Port is the wine of a single harvest and shows the characteristics of that year. Matured in oak casks, this rich dark Port can be enjoyed now, but should continue to develop in the bottle for many years.
  Rosé Montaigne
Gold Medal - 2006 Indy International, IN. A semi-sweet Rosé, soft & mellow with a touch of sweetness & lovely floral aroma. Stone Hill's romantic wine.
Gold Medal - 2004 Long Beach Grand Cru, CA. This delightfully fruity, dry white wine is produced from the finest free-run juice, cold fermented to retain the varietal character of the Seyval grapes. Excellent by itself or as a companion to seafood, salads or light dishes. Comparable to a fruity-style Chardonnay or Chenin Blanc.
  Spumante Blush
Gold Medal - 2006 San Francisco International, CA. A beautiful, delicate pink color & luscious, fruity flavor highlight this delightful sparkling wine. It's sure to bring a smile to the lips of those it touches.
  Steinberg Red
Bronze Medal - 2006 Missouri State Fair, MO. The companion wine to our popular Steinberg White. A unique red and white wine blend characterized by fresh fruit flavors and aromas, light tannins and a touch of sweetness. Perfect chilled, for sipping or served with light dishes.
  Steinberg White
Silver Medal - 2007 San Francisco Chronicle, CA. Stone Hill's No. 1 seller! A delicate, semi-dry (has natural residual sugar) German-style white wine vinted from fine European-hybrid grape varieties. Comparable to Piesporter, Liebfraumilch and Riesling.
Bronze Medal - 2006 American Wine Society, MD. Crisp and spicy Alsatian-style white wine with a lovely floral aroma and hints of lime and Golden Delicious apple. A touch of sweetness to balance the zesty acidity makes it a great match with seafood and Asian cuisine.
  Vidal Blanc
Gold Medal - 2006 Missouri State Fair, MO . This fine, dry white is produced from Vidal grapes grown in our own hilltop vineyards. The lovely, fruity aroma with a touch of oak makes it a perfect companion to seafood and poultry. Comparable to Pinot Grigio.
Gold Medal - "Best of Class" - 2006 San Francisco Chronicle, CA. The jewel of Missouri white wines. This rich, semi-sweet wine, comparable to German Spatelase or Riesling, achieves rich complexity in the warm and sunny vineyards of Missouri. A perfect balance of natural sweetness makes it luscious with dessert or for sipping.


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rhodies says...
Norton Wine Review: Too many wines with too many choices of reds, whites, rose, port, sparkling, or dessert. Stone Hill Vineyards year in and year out provides true award winning wines. Most years they offer more than one Norton wine and label them accordingly to their vineyard location. We have preferred in the past their Cross J Vineyard Norton wines, but all are consistently at the top of the Missouri Norton offerings. Though they have a prominent gift store you have to pass through to get to the tasting room, you never feel like you are being pushed through a bad tourist trap. Beautiful location with limited parking atop a knoll in the town of Hermann. For those traveling by RV, there is a city park with hookups at the foot of this hill which makes traveling through this section of Missouri very manageable. If you want to know what Norton wines are all about, visit Stone Hill Winery. My only complaint is that they are not able to ship to my state. Nuts.