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Late Harvest Vignoles Wine Details
Price: $29.99 per bottle

Description: Jefferson Trophy - 2006 Jefferson Cup Invitational, MO. Nectar of the Gods! Some years, a perfect growing season produces extra ripe Vignoles (veen'yole) with complex botrytis like the great Sauternes of France. Careful selection of individual bunches results in a prized dessert wine with complex honey, peach and floral aromas and flavors that linger toward infinity on the palate. Comparable to German Beerenauslese or French Sauterne.

Varietal Definition
Commonly grown in the cooler regions of North America, this french-american hybrid used for making white dry, late-harvest and ice-wines has its origins in the Chardonnay grape. Currently very popular as a dessert wine because of its restrained fruitiness and good balance. Same as Ravat.
Sauterne is an intentional misspelling of the name of the famed wine region Sauternes. The term is typically used on low-quality wines produced in the U.S. from native grapes. Completely unlike Sauternes, it can be either white or pink, and ranges from nearly dry to sweet.


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