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Wille's Tin Shop

Wille's Tin Shop A Long Beach institution since 1906, Wille’s Tin Shop embodied the spirit of our city: rigorous ingenuity, creativity, and accommodating service. Rather than leave its legacy in the history books, we let these values drive Wille’s into a new era—bringing its name and ideals of craftsmanship to the world of artisan spirits.


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1115 E Wardlow Road, Long Beach, CA, US, 90807 Email:
Phone: 562-668-7439 Web:
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  Montona Estate Napa Valley Chardonnay
Our Estate Chardonnay’s eye catching Danish butter yellow color is the perfect lead into this supple and graceful wine that immediately focuses on the artistically balanced flavors of apples, pineapples, spices and toasted oak. It feels lush and rich in the mouth with good acidity and finishes long and creamy with vanillin undertones.
  Montona Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
This dark garnet red Cabernet Sauvignon exhibits a great complexity and intensity of aromas. This one is full and rich, there is a wonderful marriage of the aromas and flavors of cedar, berry, anise and olives. The integrated flavors accompany this well structured wine with a silky clean long finish.
  Montona Napa Valley Estate Merlot
The deep indigo color immediately sets the tone for this luscious Merlot. The nose is filled with berry, slight olive and chocolate aromas followed by hints of spice. Similar flavors follow the aromas into a robust mouth feel that envelopes the palate, yet still exhibits the softness expected in a great merlot. Soft, ripe tannins enhance its lingering finish.
  Montona Zinfandel Port (375ml)
Our port is made from grapes of a single vintage and bottled after three years in French Oak. Decadent aromas of dark chocolate, blackberry and caramel are evident. A warm hint of hazelnut is also present. A limited bottling of this Vintage Port makes it a true treasure. (10% Residual Sugar) 19% alc.
  Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
The aromas have pleasing intensity and complexity with a combination of black fruit, blackberry, cedar and hints of mint and spicy oak. This wine displays good structure and balance with a full, even palate. The flavors follow the aromas with added hints of plum, and coffee. This is a blend of Cabernet from a vineyard south of St. Helena and one in St. Helena.
  Napa Valley Chardonnay
Aromas of ripe yellow delicious apples and slight citrus are woven nicely with the rich character of barrel fermentation and the slight hint of butter from the partial malolactic fermentation. This medium bodied wine has a wonderful even feel as it glides across the palate. The fruit in the nose is evidenced nicely on the palate while exhibiting nice crispness married with the softening effect of the ML.
  Napa Valley Merlot
Stylistically we have tried to maintain the attributes of our previous vintages, which have shown focus and depth. This 2004 adds flair and nuance to well ripened blueberry, violet and cherry flavors with a hint of quince. This is a full bodied wine that is soft as it glides across the palate, with ripe bright fruit flavors.
  Napa Valley Merlot
Merlot is our passion at Andretti Winery and this newest release well represents our efforts. Stylistically, we have tried to maintain the attributes of the previous vintages, which have shown focus and depth. The 2003 vintage adds flair and nuance to well-ripened blueberry and cherry flavors with a hint of quince. This is a full-bodied wine that is soft as it glides across the palate, with ripe, mature fruit flavors.
  Napa Valley Pinot Grigio
This second vintage of Pinot Grigio is a worthy successor of the 2004 vintage. The 2005 is similar in style to the 2004, but with a little more intensity to the fruit. This Italian wine continues to be a nice compliment to our Italian red, Sangiovese, that has been so successful. This wine has wonderful undertones of ripe pear, pomelo and strawberry that integrates will with floral notes. It has nice balance and good acidity with a crisp, clean finish. Production was entirely stainless steel fermented to preserve the delicate fruit character.
  Napa Valley Pinot Noir
Delicate and complex aromas with hints of strawberry, pomegranate and rhubarb and spicy earthiness are evident immediately. This wine has a nice presence from the tip of the tongue across the palate to the pleasing lingering finish. Good weight and structure for the varietal, with the fruit carrying over to the palate with added nuances.
  Napa Valley Sangiovese
This Sangiovese exhibits classic California varietal character. In the nose one is first attracted to the ripe cherry, toasted oak, ripe plum and a hint of new leather. The flavors are equally rich & attractive with great presence on the palate, wonderful balance and structure, and a lively fruit finish.
  Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc
The Andretti Winery “A” team has always been proud of our outstanding Sauvignon Blancs. Our 2006 vintage showcases the varietal character of this grape extremely well, especially from the Rutherford and Pope Valley Vineyards, where these grapes originate. The aromas show exceptional fruit intensity combining slight herbal notes of marjoram and sage, grapefruit and lavender, with mature characteristics of passion fruit and guava.
  Napa Valley Zinfandel-Primitivo Blend
In the nose this wine exhibits classic varietal characteristics of these two grapes. Ripe plum, rich strawberry, and slight peppery notes are evident in the nose. This wine glides across the palate with big presence and a wonderful structure and silkiness. The fruit in the aromas is again evidenced in the mouth along with hints of white chocolate and vanilla. An exciting wine combining two grapes varieties that are so similar they were until recently thought to be the same.
  Selections Cabernet Sauvignon
Ruby red and great depth of color, with aromas of black cherry and cassis. Hints of tobacco marry nicely into a full, rich mouth. The tannins are supple and the wine finishes smoothly with balanced acidity, making it a perfect accompaniment to rich, full-flavored foods.
  Selections Chardonnay
Our 2005 Selections Chardonnay has a bright, crisp nose with aromas of white peaches, honey and vanilla beans. The round, soft mouth is slightly buttery with toasty hints of oak and honeysuckle. It has a long, smooth, well-structured finish, perfect for any occasion.
  Selections Merlot
Good intensity with pleasing aromas of cherries that are made more intriguing with added hints of roasted pepper and slight herbal-buttery notes. A wonderful integrated and balanced wine on the palate with good structure and enjoyable cherry and raspberry flavors on the finish. Limited new oak is used to emphasize the bright fruit characteristics. Even though the label says California, all the fruit is North Coast.
  Selections Zinfandel
Brilliant red color welcomes the fresh fruit aromas and ripe flavors of sweet cherries, strawberries and vanilla. A well-balanced and lengthy finish follows the round and rich mouth feel. An easy to drink merlot, perfect for any occasion.


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