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St. Julian Winery

St. Julian Winery St. Julian Winery is Michigan's oldest, largest, and most awarded winery. It has been family-owned and operated since being founded in 1921. Along with producing over 40 world-class wines, St. Julian offers 10 sparkling alcohol-free juices, an array of fruit distillates, and red wine vinegar. St. Julian was awarded the Taster's Guild International "Winery of the Year" award in 1998 marking the only time a winery has ever received the prestigious award outside of California or France.

To main winery, take I-94 to Lawton/Paw Paw Exit #60 and go north 1/2 mile.

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716 South Kalamazoo Street, Paw Paw, MI, US, 49079 Email:
Phone: 800-732-6002 Web:
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  Blackberry Wine Cocktail
Blackeberry Cocktail is based on a full-bodied, red wine and flavored with Blackberries. This rich, ripe sweet blackberry aromas and flavors make this a favorite as an apertif' or dessert wine. Available in 750ml. 16% sweetness.
  Blue Heron
The #1 selling wine in Michigan, Blue Heron is a semi-sweet white wine crafted in the German "sweet reserve" style. Fresh juice is reserved from harvest and just before bottling the fresh juice is added to the wine. This adds sweetness and lowers the alcohol to 9%. The result is a semi-sweet soft wine that serves as a companion to a wide variety of light foods.
  Braganini Reserve Blanc De Blanc
Our finest -limited production. 100% Michigan Chardonnay grapes. Available in 750ml.
  Braganini Reserve Meritage
Rare Michigan wine at its finest. 78% Merlot, 16% Cabernet Franc, 6% Cabernet Sauvignon. It is an immense, powerful wine, rich and hearty, with wonderful aromas of ripe plum, raspberry and blackberry. The combination of American and French oak entangle spicy, earthy scents with a solid core of black fruit flavor. It packs the requisite dense core of tannins, but also some striking notes of vanilla. Drinkable now but will cellar well through 2012.
  Brut Champagne
A cuvee of Vidal, Vignoles & Seyval Grapes. Made from the best lots of each vintage with a drier taste. Available in 750ml. 1% sweetness.
  Cabernet Franc
Layers of brilliant berry-fruit flavors surface at an early age, but last for years. This light bodied red often gets the vote as our winemaking staff’s favorite. Available in 750ml. 0% sweetness.
Semi-sweet table wine, made in “reserve style” from Catawba grapes. Available in 750ml and 187ml. 18% sweetness.
  Catherman’s Port
Our Ruby Port. Great with cheeses or for fireside sipping. Our winemaker’s favorite. Matured in oak. Available in 750ml. 16% sweetness.
  Cherry Spumante
Our newest release is loaded with mouth-watering flavors and aromas of fresh, Michigan cherries. Enjoy the other fruit for which Michigan is famous! Available in 750ml. 6% sweetness.
  Cherry Wine
Made from 100% Michigan grown cherries. Monmorency and Meteor cherries are used for a tasteful cherry extravaganza. Available in 750ml. 6% sweetness.
  Concord Wine
100% Concord, enjoy chilled by itself, on the rocks or with soda. Available in 750ml. 7% sweetness.
  Cranberry Spumante
With its crisp, refreshing flavor, this sparkling wine exudes the unmistakable character of our native- and very popular fruit, the cranberry. No wonder the Pilgrim’s decided to stick around! Available in 750ml. 11% sweetness.
  Cream D’Or
A well aged sherry that’s flavored with 100% pure almond oil and then fortified with our own Brandy. Available in 750ml. 16% sweetness
  Frankenmuth May Wine
A semi-sweet and fruity wine flavored with woodruff herb in the German tradition. TRY OUR MAY WINE SLUSH. Available in 750ml. 7% sweetness.
  Frankenmuth Rosé
A semi-sweet and fruity wine. The sweetest of our pink wines.
  Frankenmuth White
Made in a semi-dry and fruity style named after our winery in Frankenmuth.
Supple, generous fruit, soft tannins, medium body and a lingering finish. The numerous awards received on our first vintage prove that Merlot has found a new home in Michigan. Available in 750ml. 0% sweetness.
  Michigan Chardonnay
America’s favorite dry white wine, locally grown and crafted to express our region’s unique personality. Born and matured in small barrels, this subtle, complex and enchanting wine rises to any occasion. Available in 750ml. .03% residual sugar.
  Michigan Raspberry Spumante
Fresh raspberry aroma with a delicious dominant character. Named Michigan State Champion by Wine Enthusiast Magazine 1995. *Gold Medal Winner*. Available in 750ml. 6% sweetness.
  Michigan White Champagne
Michigan Champagne our original and still most popular An extra-dry, which is actually semi-dry in champagne terminology. Available in 750ml and 187ml. 3% sweetness.
Michigan’s original white variety and the source of one of our most popular wines, Niagra captures the aroma and taste of freshly picked grapes. Available in 750ml. 4% sweetness.
  Passionate Peach Spumante
Tropical passion fruit and peach juices are blended into our signature champagne to create this alluring bubbly, full of exotic aromas and packed with flavor. Winner of a gold medal in its first competition. Available in 750ml. 11% sweetness.
  Peach Wine Cocktail
This wine is produced from white grapes and then flavored with Peaches. One can taste the juicy sweetness of fresh, ripe peaches in every glass. Delicious as an apertif' or in wine cocktails such as our "Peach Alexander." Peach Cocktail is also a great dessert wine. Available in 750ml. 16% sweetness.
  Red Rosé
Fairly sweet, very fruity full bodied wine, great when slightly chilled
Semi-sweet and perfect for after dinner, recipes and the punch bowl. Available in 750ml. 5% sweetness.
  Sholom Kosher Wine
A traditional Concord sweet red wine. Produced under Rabbinical supervision. Serving suggestion: use spice bags for hot mulled wine. Available in 750ml. 15% sweetness.
  Simply Red
Our most popular wine! Simply Red is mellowed by the addition of fresh grape juice to produce a semi-dry red table wine that can be served chilled as well as at cool room temperature. Available in 750ml. 2% sweetness.
  Simply White
Crafted to showcase the luscious flavors of our local vineyards, Simply White bridges the gap between dry and sweet. Available in 750ml. 2.5% sweetness.
  Solera Cream Sherry
Made using the traditional Solera System , each bottle contains at least 30 year old sherry. This is the most awarded wine in St. Julian's portfolio, with over 80 gold medals, recently taking the "Best fortified wine in the East" at the Best of the East wine competition in 2005.
  Solera Cream Sherry
Aged for years in a true Solera System at our winery in Frankenmuth. Available in 750ml. 17% sweetness.
A sweet sparkling wine styled after the popular sparkling wines of Italy. Available in 750ml. 6% sweetness.
  ST J Michigan Pinot Grigio
Our Michigan grown version of the famous Italian grape. Available in 750ml. .6% sweetness.
  ST J Michigan Riesling
A lightly sweet frame enhances delicious fruit flavors of peach and lime that seem to linger forever. There is no better example of why the fruit of the vine is civilization’s oldest beverage. Available in 750ml. 1.5% sweetness.
  ST J Village Red
A dry fruity wine with a slight touch of oak. It’s an unique blend that pairs well with a range of hearty dishes from prime rib to pasta marinara. Available in 750ml. 0% sweetness.
  ST J Village Rosé
An interesting pink semi-dry everyday wine. If you like White Zinfandel, try this. Available in 750ml. 2% sweetness.
  ST J Village White
balanced, appealing dry wine with a hint of oak. Our proprietary blend of grapes offers a delicious alternative to one dimensional Chardonnays. Available in 750ml. .5% sweetness.


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