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Swedish Hill Winery

Swedish Hill Winery Swedish Hill's roots can be traced back to 1969 when Dick and Cynthia Peterson planted their first vines. For over twenty years they sold quality grapes to area wineries. In 1985 they decided to start their own winery and opened the doors of Swedish Hill in 1986. Since then they have grown to be one of the largest wineries in the Finger Lakes area and also one of the top award-winning wineries in the Empire State. Tours at Swedish Hill are relaxed, informal and culminate with a tasting of fine wines.

The winery is located in central New York, just 8 miles south of Seneca Falls or 35 miles north of Ithaca on Route 414 (see map). Call, E-Mail, Fax, or write to us to obtain a complete schedule of events or for detailed directions to the winery. We look forward to getting to know you!

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4565 Route 414, Romulus, NY, US, 14541 Email:
Phone: 315-549-8326 Web:
Fax: 315-549-8477
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  Blanc de Blanc
A velvety smooth semi-dry champagne with delicate aromas of lemons and apples. This premium champagne was made from the Cayuga White grape, developed by Cornell University for the Finger Lakes Region. GOLD MEDAL WINNER! 1.7% Residual Sugar
  Blue Waters Chardonnay
A bit lighter and less oaky than our other Chardonnay's, it is bright and fruity, but has a touch of buttery oak that will remind you it's a real Chardonnay. 0.9% Residual Sugar
Classic dry bottle fermented Chardonnay champagne in the "Methode Champenoise" tradition. Blended from 90% Chardonnay and 10% Pinot Noir and aged on the yeast for 4 years, toasty yet with nice fruit. 0.9% Residual Sugar
  Cabernet Franc
One of the great red grapes of Bordeaux, our first release of Cabernet Franc offers great berry fruits in the nose with hints of vanilla and spice in the finish. Oak aging has enhanced the complexity. From a great red wine vintage in New York!
  Catawba Frost
Fresh and fruity flavors highlight this new premium version of an old Eastern favorite. Once a standard for the Finger Lakes wineries, this Catawba based wine is sure to set new standards for its fresh, sweet, slightly grapey flavors. Packaged with a twist off closure to insure consistent high quality and freshness. 8.5% Residual Sugar
  Cayuga White
Crisp and semi-dry with luscious floral and citrusy aromas, this wine is great with poultry and ham. The Cayuga White grape was developed especially for the Finger Lakes Region by Cornell University at the NYS Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, NY.
  Christmas Cayuga (Cayuga White)
Our Cayuga White is bottled in a blue bottle that compliments the label beautifully. If you like our Cayuga White, pick up a case of this Holiday Label wine - perfect for all your celebrations!
  Country Concord
In just a few short years, this wine has achieved a "cult-like" following. Assertive grapey aromas and flavors and a semi-sweet velvety smooth finish have made this wine a quick sellout yearly. 10% Residual Sugar
  Cynthia Marie Port
Aged in oak, this premium port offers distinct black pepper, cherry and mocha aromas and flavors, with a hint of spice in the finish. Named after co-owner, Cynthia Marie Peterson. 8.6% Residual Sugar
Although no longer labeled as "organically grown," this wine is still made from grapes grown by Glenside Vineyards, and they still use natural farming techniques just as they have for many years. The vines are more than 50 years old, producing small yields of intensely flavored, high quality fruit. The wine is semi-sweet and deliciously crisp.
  Doobie Blues
Our pet miniature donkey named Doobie provided the inspiration for this wine. He can often be heard bellowing his own version of the "blues". The wine can be described as fun, fruity and slightly sweet (kind of like we describe Doobie!, similar to a sweeter style Riesling. 5.2% Residual Sugar
  Dry Riesling
The classic Riesling grape consistently makes outstanding wines in the cool climate of the Finger Lakes Region of New York. With elegant floral aromas and a clean crisp finish, this drier style of Riesling is versatile with many foods. Try it with shellfish appetizers, poultry or even Chinese dishes. DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL WINNER! 0.6% Residual Sugar
  Estate Red
Truly a unique dry red, made primarily from a blend of grape varieties still under test at (and developed by) Cornell's New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva. A small amount of Cabernet Franc was blended to add to the complexity and to round out the finish. Barrel aged with nice black pepper and berry flavors. Exceptional Value!
  Glogg Wine
This spicy and aromatic red wine is made with an extract imported from Sweden which contains cinnamon, cloves, cardamon and ginger. Add raisins, cherries, orange slices and slivered almonds -heat and enjoy! 10% Residual Sugar
  Golden Muscat
One of the rarest of all Muscat grapes, Golden Muscat was developed by the NYS Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, NY. Rich & distinct muscaty aromas and fresh flavors are nicely balanced by the sweet finish, making this a great after dinner sipping wine that also accompanies fresh fruits extremely well. 6% Residual Sugar
  Just Peachy
One sip of this wine will give you the sensation of biting into a fresh tree-ripened peach, only this is better since there is no fuzz! Semi-sweet and richly flavored, this is a great dessert wine or serve it as a summer refresher over ice. 8.5% Residual Sugar
  Marechal Foch
This vintage of our most popular dry red wine is very fruity in the nose, with distinctive black cherry aromas and flavors. A Beaujolais-style that is light and refreshing, but still dry. A nice picnic red that is also great with pizza and pasta. GOLD MEDAL WINNER & New York Best Hybrid Red!
This deliciously dry sparkling wine is blended from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, the classic champagne varieties. The subtle, citrusy aromas lead to a fresh, crisp finish that lingers on and on. 1.2% Residual Sugar
The blending of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc, the traditional varieties of Bordeaux, has produced an elegant, yet full bodied wine. Aged in small oak barrels for one year, this complex wine offers wonderful flavors of cherries, currants, vanilla and spice with silky smooth tannins in the finish.
  Radical Raspberry
Exhuberabtly fruity, sweet wine that excludes fresh raspberry aromas and flavors. Try it chilled (or even over ice) as a great summer refresher or as a dessert wine. 12.5% Residual Sugar
  Raspberry Infusion
An exotic intensely flavored treat made from fresh locally grown raspberries soaked in grape brandy. Similar to port, this rich, full bodied specialty product exudes fresh berry aromas and finishes with richness and tartness that elegantly balance each other. 12.5% Residual Sugar
  Reserve Chardonnay
A true reserve style: big, rich and complex. 100% barrel fermented with 100% malolactic fermentation gives this bone dry wine buttery, coconut and mango-like aromas and a creamy smooth finish. Our boldest, oakiest Chardonnay.
The cool climate of the Finger Lakes Region of New York brings out the best in the classic Riesling grape. This traditional semi-dry style has wonderful floral, fruity aromas and flavors that complement chicken in rich sauces or pork extremely well.
  Riesling Cuvee Champagne
Loaded with fresh floral and fruity aromas and flavors, this Riesling Champagne is deliciously refreshing, complex and pleasing to both dry and sweet wine drinkers. Finished with just a bit of sweetness, this champagne is an elegant addition to special occasions, or try it with stir-fry or many light summer meals. 3.2% Residual Sugar
  Spumante Blush
A luscious and fruity blush style of champagne that makes a great alternative to traditional Spumante. Great fresh grape and rose blossom aromas and flavors. GOLD MEDAL WINNER! 5.4% Residual Sugar
  Svenska Blush
This light and fruity wine is a more refreshing alternative to White Zinfandel. A great picnic and party wine (HOT TUB WINE!), it also goes well with ham. Our most popular wine. GOLD MEDAL WINNER! 5.5% Residual Sugar
  Svenska Red
The fresh grapey aromas and flavors and semi-sweet finish makes this fruity wine perfect for those who do not like the "puckery" taste of traditional dry, oaky red wines. For a refreshing treat, try it chilled with fresh berries or raspberry sherbert. WINNER OF 2 GOLD MEDALS! 5.4% Residual Sugar
  Svenska White
The perfect anytime wine. It's light, fruity, slightly sweet. The pleasant, but not overpowering grapey aroma and flavor is reminiscent of eating fresh grapes right from the vine! GOLD MEDAL WINNER! 5.5% Residual Sugar
  Vidal Blanc
A crisp, semi-dry varietal wine with a combination of floral and fruity flavors from start to finish. Try it with your favorite poultry dishes.
Fruit salad in a glass! Great tropical and peach-like aromas and flavors with a semi-sweet clean, crisp finish. A great vintage for this varietal! A great accompaniment to fresh fruits, cold melon soup or even light desserts.
  Vignoles Late Harvest
375ml. Another blockbuster late harvest from our estate Vignoles vineyards. Harvested at 33.2 Brix and finished with 14.8% residual sugar, this is one of our fruitiest late harvest wines yet. The luscious peach and pineapple aromas and flavors go on and on. GOLD MEDAL WINNER!
  Viking Red
A great blended dry wine that boasts bright cherry fruit aromas and finishes with a nice touch of oak. A versatile food wine and an excellent value. 0.6% Residual Sugar
  Viking White
A crisp, slightly fruity dry wine with apple-like and citrusy aromas and flavors. Made from Cayuga White, Chardonnay and Vidal, it’s a bit lighter and crisper than our Chardonnays. Serve with grilled or boiled seafood or other lighter meals. Great Value! NEW VINTAGE! 1% Residual Sugar


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