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New Holland Pub on 8th

New Holland Pub on 8th Established in 1996, NHBC has grown from a scrappy two-man start-up to a thriving regional microbrewery, recognized for its creativity and artistry. We are very proud of our accomplishments thus far, and believe in earning our place in the brewing industry and in our customer’s hearts and minds everyday.


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66 E. 8th Street, Holland, MI, US, 49423 Email:
Phone: 616-355-6422 Web:
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  Black Tulip
Mysterious, alluring and seductive, yet tantalizingly elusive; these are the storied characteristics of the Black Tulip. Golden in color, Black Tulip Trippel is a delightful beer with a slightly sweet body. Its ester-laden character reveals an enigmatic dance between Belgian ale yeast and Michigan beet sugar, conjuring hints of bananas and rock candy. Its inviting flavor is complemented by a pleasing dry finish.
  Blue Goat
Chestnut in color with a nutty malt profile from its signature Munich malt. A muted hop presence and smooth caramelized body culminate in a clean, dry finish. Excellent choice for hearty meals with dark flavors and sauces. Grilled meats, musty cheeses or pecan pie.
  Dragon's Milk
A barrel-aged, strong-ale with a soft and rich caramel-malt character intermingled with deep vanilla tones dancing in an oak bath. Unmistakably distinctive and hauntingly remarkable, Dragon’s Milk’s warming complexity pairs well with smoked meats and cheeses, red meat, or a nice cigar.
Consider it an extremely hoppy barleywine, or a really big IPA. Either way, ten hop additions contribute to its lush and intriguing body. Aggressive dry-hopping brings a strong citrus character to the aroma. The flavor and smell of orange-blossoms pervade throughout the experience.
  Full Circle
A kölsch-style beer, Full Circle is a refreshing celebration of our brewery’s belief in balance. The soft, well-rounded malt character, light hop profile and crisp finish bring us back around to the familiar tastes of classic, thirst-quenching beer. We recommend Full Circle with fish and just about anything from the grill.
  Mad Hatter
Dry-hopping provides a distinctive and floral hop aroma, while the lively and hoppy body is subtly balanced with delicious malt notes. Hatter’s hop character makes it a great fit for spicy dishes, bitter greens and beef.
  Pilgrim's Dole
Pilgrim’s Dole is a barleywine-style ale made with fifty percent wheat malt, or what we at New Holland call a wheatwine. Pilgrim’s Dole blends warming and slightly sweet flavors with a unique caramelized character. It would be an excellent accent to nutty dishes, fruit crisps or creme brulee.
  Red Tulip
A red ale with rich and smooth flavors of malted barley, balanced by underlying hints of dark fruit. Brewed in homage to our hometown tulip festival, Red Tulip evokes spring’s renewing spirit. Excellent with roasted pork, red-meats and dried fruit.
Sundog is an amber ale as deep as the copper glow of a Lake Michigan sunset. Its biscuit malt give Sundog a toasty character and a subtle malty sweetness. Sundog brings out the best in grilled foods, caramelized onions, nutty cheese, barbecue, or your favorite pizza.
  The Poet
The Poet has a rich, smooth malt character enveloped in tones of roast and chocolate. A soft mouth-feel brings luxurious flavors and soothing aroma. It pairs wonderfully with earthy flavors such as mushrooms and beef, while remaining the perfect accent to any chocolate.


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