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Black Star Farms

Black Star Farms The sun is rising over Grand Traverse Bay. Horses are turned out to pasture and a rider sets out for the trails. The aroma of fresh baking rises from the Inn's breakfast room. A truck heads for the Creamery with milk for today's batch of Raclette cheese. The farm manager is in the vineyard checking on the progress of the grapes. These images reflect the slower pace of life you can experience at a special place: Black Star Farms. Black Star Farms is a destination offering visitors a variety of distinctive choices, showcasing Leelanau Peninsula's rich heritage and agricultural abundance. World-class products and services including premium vinifera wines and fruit brandies, hand-crafted cheese, luxurious all-season B&B Inn, championship equestrian facility, and recreational trails provide guests a full sensory experience.

Chicago, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo: I-94 to 131 North, 131 to Cadillac, 115 at Cadillac west to Mesick, 37 north from Mesick to Traverse City, M-22 north from T.C. to Suttons Bay. On M-22 drive approx. 13 miles to Revold Road. Turn left at Revold Road, go up the hill and take the first left at the top. Detroit, Ann Arbor, Toledo, Columbus: Get on either 23 north or 1-75 north to Bay City, Take 10 west to Clare. Get on 115 west to Mesick. Take 37 north to Traverse City, M-22 north from T.C. to Suttons Bay. On M-22 drive approx. 13 miles to Revold Road. Turn left at Revold Road, go up the hill and take the first left at the top.

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10844 East Revold Road, Suttons Bay, MI, US, 49682 Email:
Phone: 231-271-4884 Web:
Fax: 231-271-4883
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  A Capella Riesling Ice Wine
Considered one of the rarest wines of the world, true ice wines are made from perfect grapes left on the vine long after traditional harvest. The weather has to cooperate, too, with a slowly cooling late fall. A three - four day hard freeze with temperatures in the teens prepares the grapes for harvest. These grapes were picked in a blinding December snow storm by 12 hardy souls. The grapes were then crushed outdoors - they cannot be allowed thaw for true ice wine. This process can take days of pressure, extracting about one drop of concentrated juice from each grape.
  Arcturos Barrel-Aged Chardonnay
This Chardonnay is the most full-bodied white wine we produce. It presents a flavor-packed sensation on the palate. Because the flavors of Chardonnay are so compatible with oak, this wine has been fully fermented and aged in new French and American oak barrels.
  Arcturos Dry Riesling
The 2004 growing season was long and pleasant with plenty of sunshine. The dry warm fall with cool evenings did much to ripen the fruit slowly and bring out the beauty and depth of the Riesling variety.
  Arcturos Late Harvest Riesling
This is one of the most versatile grapes grown and is considered one of the great varieties of the world. In this style we stop the fermentation for freshness and add back the sweet reserve for balancing the fruit palate.
  Arcturos Pinot Gris
Pinot Gris from our 7 Hills Vineyard on the Old Mission Peninsula appelation is crisp and refreshing with melon fruit and delicate floral notes. This is a superb grape for the expression of "terroir", displayiing mild herbal and mineral accents on the palate. This is a tremendous food wine.
  Arcturos Pinot Noir
The fruit for this wine is a blend of different clones from three different vineyards, contributing significantly to its refined complexities.
  Arcturos Semi-Dry Riesling
This is a classic style Riesling that reflects the ripe vintage and the winemaker's preference for this fruit. This outstanding vintage has yielded a characteristically beautiful white wine with intense fruit and floral.
  Arcturos Sur Lie Chardonnay
This wine is a direct result of a good growing season. To help expose the terroir component of Northwest Michigan no oak has been used in the production of this wine. The flinty and steely aromas make the wine reminiscent of a crisp Chablis or Macon
  Cherry Wine
One of Michigan's most abundant fruits, we produce it as a ripe, fruity semi-dry blush table wine. Produced from a combination of cherry varieties that are both estate grown and harvested from neighboring orchards, this wine is enjoyable as an aperitif, a luncheon wine or with fresh fruits of the season.
  Hard Apple Cider
This sparkling cider is made from a blend of 8 different cider apples.
  Leorie Vineyard Merlot Cabernet Franc
This beautiful red wine represents the awesome quality dynamic that this vineyard possesses. Considered one of the great reds of Michigan, this wine, through extra barrel and bottle maturation, maintains the elegance and beauty that is the signature of this vineyard. Deep bramble fruit with refined spice notes could lead one to think (dare we suggest?) Bordeaux! A mere 245 cases produced.
  Leorie Vineyard Riesling
These white Riesling grapes are from the eight year old Leorie Vineyard on the Old Mission Peninsula. It is one of the best vineyards in the area and has been a pet project of the winemaker over the past five years. This floral and flinty Riesling has been crafted in an off dry Alsatian style.
  Pear and its Spirit
80 Proof (Pear Brandy) In Spring, a bottle is tied over a budding branch in the pear orchard with hopes that a Bartlett pear will grow to maturity inside the bottle. The pear is harvested, cleaned and washed, and the bottle is then filled with pear brandy from the same orchard, hand labeled and numbered in this special limited presentation. This "pear in the bottle" is a true collector's item and can be prominently displayed. The pear becomes calcified over time, and is not consumed. When the bottle is emptied, simply purchase a bottle of Spirit of Pear and refill the "pear in the bottle" for many years of enjoyment
  Pear Wine
Fresh, aromatic ripe pear aromas mingle with a delicate spice on the palate. This fruit wine has balanced residual sweetness. The delicious taste of Northern Michigan.
  Red House Red
This red is a vibrant blend of four different varieties with Cabernet Franc as the main component. Merlot and the French-American varieties-Foch and Chambourcin-have minority roles in the blend, giving this wine a pleasant balance between ripe red fruit and earthy rusticity. This is a perfect table red for anything off the grill, for hearty pastas or for poultry.
  Red House White
This Red House White is composed of 45% Chardonnay, 25% Vignole, 20% Riesling and 10% Pinot Gris grapes gathered from several different vineyard sites on the Old Mission and Leelanau Peninsulas. It is a product of one of the best growing seasons in northern Michigan - the 1999 vintage.
  Sirius Cherry Dessert Wine
This beautifully fragrant, port-style dessert wine is produced from estate grown black sweet cherries, fortified with our own cherry brandy, and sweetened with tart cherry juice. It is then barrel aged for nine months in American oak.
  Sirius Cordial Dessert Wine
Known as "ratafia" in France, this lightly sweet cordial is the essence of pure Chardonnay fruit: juice that is pressed off this noble grape at the peak of ripeness fortified with brandy distilled from the same juice.
  Sirius Pear Dessert Wine
Decadent ripe fruit combines with woodsy spice in this wine produced from 100% Bartlett pears. Because we source these pears from a neighboring farm, we are able to capture and bottle the opulent flavors of the perfectly ripened fruit. This wine is made in the port-style and fortified with our own barrel-aged pear brandy.
  Sparkling Wine
This blanc de blanc sparkler is a blend of Chardonnay Pinot Gris, Riesling and Vignoles from Northwest Michigan's Leelanau Peninsula. Made in a brut style it is excellent as an aperitif but versatile enough to be paired with a multitude of foods. "Sparkling wine is the wine of choice for all of life's celebrations"!
  Spirit of Apple
80 Proof (Apple Brandy) Apple brandy was the first spirit produced in America during the Revolution. Following in the Colonial tradition, our small-batch, hand-crafted apple brandy is distilled from a true cider blend of several different apple varieties including Jonagold, Winesap, Rhode Island Greening, Spy, McIntosh, and Jonathan. It is then barrel-aged, using both French and American oak, for four years. At the precise time the distiller feels is optimum to showcase the fruit from Leelanau County's bounty, the brandy is bottled - often a single barrel at a time.
  Spirit of Apricot
80 Proof (Apricot Brandy) Apricot Brandy is common to Hungary. The fully ripe fruit is fermented on the pits and then distilled rapidly to retain flavor and aroma. The distillate is aged in glass.
  Spirit of Cherry
80 Proof (Cherry Brandy) Cherry brandy is widely consumed throughout Europe, especially in Germany and Switzerland. It delivers subtle cherry flavors and hearty alcohol for straight consumption or use as a flavoring ingredient.
  Spirit of Pear
80 Proof (Pear Brandy) Probably the best known eau de vie in France commonly produced in Alsace. Bartlett pears from the Keswick Flats orchard are picked while still green and allowed to ripen from within at the distillery. The ripe fruit is then pressed and the pulp fermented prior to distillation.
  Spirit of Plum
Our plum eau de vie is distilled from Damson plums.
  Spirit of Vineyard Red Grape Grappa
Our Red Grape Grappa is made from the fresh must of Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot grapes.
  Spirit of Vineyard White Grape Grappa
Our White Grape Grappa is made from the fresh must of Riesling, Gewurtztraminer, and Vignole grapes.


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