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Cosentino Winery

Cosentino Winery Cosentino Winery is in the heart of Napa Valley, just north of Yountville on Highway 29. Located next to Mustards Grill, Cosentino offers more than 30 ultra-premium wines.


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7415 St. Helena Highway, Yountville, CA, US, 94599 Email:
Phone: 707-944-1220 Web:
Fax: 707-944-1254
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  Avant et Apres
A melange of fruit and cream. Baked apple, pineapple, honeysuckle, pear, cream and citrus notes. This is a very rich, round wine with unique complexity and excellent balance.
  Blockheadia “All Tank” Rose
The grapes for our food-friendly Blockheadia Rose were grown and picked exclusively to make Rose, resulting in a wine that is full of bright fruit flavors and lower alcohol. Primarily Cinsault and Mourverde with a fraction of Grenache and Syrah, the grapes were macerated from six to twenty four hours and then pressed. Ripe strawberry and dried cherries flavors are well supported by an absolutely dry and crisp finish of orange peel. Consistent with the “All-Tank” moniker, this wine never touches oak allowing for the purest extraction of fruit and mineral.
  Blockheadia All Tank Sauvignon Blanc
The fresh round palate and crispness of this wine is the perfect accompaniment for seafood and pairs perfectly with the ecclectic flavors of Asian cuisine. You'll experience white peaches and nectarines, followed by vibrant grapefruit & kumquat over minerals.
  CE2V Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Secret Clone
This is the 4th public release from this vineyard. The history of this clone prior to its arrival on our property, which we inherited through purchase, is being held secret by those who brought it here. It only grows in 2 other vineyards in Napa Valley. We believe so strongly in this clone that we have replanted it in the surrounding areas on this property. Full-bodied with ripe tannins. An extremely full throttle wine that is massive, intense, exotic and complex. It is filled with pomegranate, black fruit and spice.
  CE2V Estate Chardonnay
A purist’s wine - a very unique style for Napa Valley. Our older vineyard is mainly planted in Chablis clones. The high acid style along with lime, other citrus, floral and limestone aromas more similar to Chablis in a rich medium-full bodied style. The extremely small crop produces very intense flavors and superior balance. Crisp, clean, lemon, lime and citrus notes intertwined with a trace of cream. Designed to develop and age for several years.
  CE2V Meritage
Rich cherry, blackberry and pomegranate aromas with some warm oak notes. Full-bodied with ripe tannins. Rich, juicy red and black fruit flavors intermingled with mineral and spice complexities and a long finish. This is framed with excellent structure and fruit to acid balance. A bit more eurocentric than most Meritage red wines. 64% Cabernet Sauvignon, 18% Merlot and 18% Cabernet Franc.
  CE2V Sangiovese
Ripe red fruit with hints of fine wood in the nose. Pomegranate, cherry, vanilla, cedar and oak flavors race through the mouth. Brightly balanced up front, warm and fuzzy in the middle and yet finishes with an almost blackberry flavored tea note.
  CE2V Sauvignon Blanc
A medium full bodied rich wine with lemongrass, mineral, pear and cream notes throughout. Grapefruit, pineapple and honey flavors add to the mouth in a wine that finishes a bit tart and clean.
Big meat wine. This is a rustic styled wine with great complexity and structure. Geranium and persimmon notes in the nose. Earth, spice and leather contribute to its black fruit base. It will continue to age and complex for many years.
A wine that knows no boundaries, Cigarzin, is a California appellation Zinfandel. Predominantly from “Old Vines” in the Lodi district, the expanded appellation gives the winemaker more freedom to create a balanced Zinfandel that is not only supple, but also intense in flavor for every vintage year. This truly expresses the Cosentino philosophy of letting the fruit guide the winemaking process. Cigarzin is the true artisans Zinfandel. You’ll experience pomegranate, rhubarb, red cherries, and cream flavors in a concentrated style with spicy notes.
  Cosentino “The Poet”
Our flagship wine holds the distinction as being the first recognized American Meritage. Punch cap fermented and aged separately for 29 months in French oak barrels, we blend Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Petit Verdot just before bottling. Deep ruby in color, youthful with tart cherry and currants up front, polished in the middle with pomegranate that evolves into a long spicy finish. A bright balanced wine with structure and richness.
  Cosentino Cabernet Sauvignon
Bordeaux meets Napa Valley. Although varietally Cabernet Sauvignon, this unusual wine is a Bordeaux-style blend that is composed of three varietals; Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot. Flinty mineral notes combine with hints of black rose and vanilla.
  Cosentino Chardonnay
Citrus and green apple flavors come to the front with mineral and subtle oak notes. This medium full-bodied wine is rich and yet very firm in texture. Excellent aging potential. “Though none of this wine underwent the softening of malolactic fermentation, being barrel fermented and aged on the lees gives it a richness and complexity. Likely to age gracefully for five or six more years. ” - California Wine and Food
  Cosentino Chardonnay
100% Chardonnay primarily from our estate contract with the Simone Oak Knoll vineyard with some small quantities from our own CE2V estate vineyard and another vineyard in the Carneros District. Aromas of apple, vanilla and baking spices. Warm citrus and apple flavors come to the front with mineral and subtle oak notes. This medium full bodied wine is rich with excellent acid balance and firm texture. Excellent aging potential.
  Cosentino Estate Gewurztraminer
Pure Gewurztraminer from old vines. Floral, honeysuckle and a spicy fragrant nose makes you think it is sweet -yet in the mouth it is more to the dry side. This wine is bright and fresh with good acidity.
  Cosentino Estate Merlot
From our estate vineyard at the winery, we are very selective about the unique style of this wine. It is rich, and yet bright, unusually concentrated, pungent, with big front and spice. It has bing cherries and plums with a hint of white pepper. Balanced in the mouth and nicely textured with a seductive charm.
  Cosentino Hoopes Ranch Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
This vintage is the richest, most flavorful of any vintage we have released. Complex notes of spice, minerals, earth and black fruits commingle in an almost exotic mélange of aromas and flavors. This is a wine of great purity and depth. Distinctive Graves-like limestone in the nose with notes of oak and berries. Concentrated with excellent balance on the palate. This Cabernet Sauvignon exhibits that special uniqueness of the Oakville appellation.
  Cosentino Pinot Grigio
Aromas of citrus, kiwi, melon, minerals and honey carry into the mouth adding to the fresh, clean, vibrant fruit with a bright, refreshing center. This is a medium-bodied dry wine with a clean finish.
  Cosentino Pinot Noir
This medium full-bodied wine has a youthful front with spice notes that are met with intense rhubarb, cherry and pomegranate. Spice and vanilla is followed by leather and earth notes. This Pinot has a more Burgundy-like structure and is framed by young tannins.
  Cosentino Sangiovese
Blended in the style of the "Super Tuscan" wines it starts with 92% Sangiovese which is complemented by equal parts (2%) of Petite Sirah, Early Burgundy, Merlot and Alicante. Spicy, exotic red and black fruit with hints of clove in the nose. A round, rich and balanced wine that evolves into an intense mixed berry sensation with ripe tannins in the center. A white pepper note finishes this richly textured wine.
  Cosentino The Novelist
Our signature white Meritage is a crisp blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon that is partially fermented is French Oak barrels. In the nose this wine shows aromas of minerals, melon, honeysuckle, and fresh finely chopped parsley. Bright and balanced, with centered flavors of melon and baking spices that lead into rich layers of citrus with the emphasis on Indian River grapefruit.
  Crystal Valley Cellars OL’ RED
Crimson colored, extremely rich and round with a feel of liquid Baked cherries and berries with sweet baking spices in the nose. creamy melange of red and black fruits with earthy complexities. medium-full in the mouth. Structured and balanced with supple, tannins and a long smooth finish- this is a unique experience. A complex old world blend of many premium grapes, including Pinot Noir, Syrah, Carignane and Merlot.
Intense boysenberry, mineral, spice, white pepper, licorice and leather on the nose. In the mouth the balance is precise with the fruit, spice, acids and tannins all in line. This Dolcetto is more concentrated and extracted than one might expect from this variety.
  Edie Late Harvest Semillon
Our Late Harvest Semillon shares its name with our Proprietor, Edie Soldinger. “Edie” is produced in true Sauternes fashion with a painstakingly slow, 7 hour pressing of the grapes and over four months of barrel fermentation in light toasted Sauternes barrels.
  Francesca d’Amore Vin Santo
Francesca D’ Amore is a unique wine that has no exact classification. It’s too fruity to be a sherry, not sweet enough to be an angelica and not red enough to be a port. It may conjour up visions of these to some, and others may be reminded of some of the old Italian families’ vin santos. This wine might just be left to the taste.
  Late Harvest Viognier "Vin Doux Kay"
Well balanced, rich and luscious. It possesses a mouthfilling Sauternes-like slant with full flavors, dried apricots, mango nectar and a hint of loquat. This wine will continue to develop over the next ten years.
  M. Coz Meritage
M. COZ consistently received accolades as one of America's ultra-premium Meritage wines. Each lot remains separate for aging in barrels for 29 months prior to blending. Big in the mouth with a long finish.
  M.Coz Meritage
M. Coz consistently receives accolades as one of America’s ultra-premium Meritage wines. Each lot remains separate for aging in barrels for 32 months prior to blending. The wine is bottled unfined and unfiltered. Rich and broad on the palate, spiced with pepper and a touch of clove. Big in the mouth with a long finish, it should develop over the next 8-10 years and age gracefully for an additional 10 years.
Deeply colored, rich and concentrated. Big berries, cocoa and spice in the nose. A melange of red and black fruits. Rich and full in body. Well structured with ripe tannins.
  Merlot Estate
We are very selective about the unique style of this wine. It is rich, and yet bright, unusually concentrated, pungent, with big front and spice. It has bing cherries and plums with a hint of white pepper. Balanced in the mouth and nicely textured with a seductive charm.
  Merlot Napa
Currants, plums, black rose and oak notes in the nose. A very intense and complex wine with big structure more reminicent of Bordeaux. Clove and mineral notes extend the palate.
  Merlot Reserve Napa
This big, full-bodied wine has excellent balance and brightness. Pomegranate, and cherries with notes of pepper and tobacco carry onto the palate accompanied by plum notes that lead to a long complex finish.
  Napa Cabernet Sauvignon
Graves (Bordeaux) meets Oakville, Napa Valley. This is a style we started with the 2000 vintage and it has progressed each year. This complex blend unfolds in several directions. Stoney mineral notes combine with hints of black rose and vanilla. This wine is spicy and brisk with flavors of currants, berries, cedar and stoney notes.
  Petite Sirah
This hugely structured, rich ripe wine has a very deep purple hue with white pepper, spice, with both red and black fruits in the nose. Plums, pomegranate, black cherry, mint and pepper flavors in an exotic mix that is extremely concentrated and dense with ripe tannins and a long finish.
  PORT Cabernet Franc
  Reserve Zin
  The Cab
Very aromatic with spicy cherry, currants, clove and earthy notes on the nose. Full bodied and rich, it expands on the mouth to a very complex wine, with ripe cherries, plums and blood orange flavors. A well balanced style with good tannin structure. Powerful and bright, this tasty Cab will handle rich, spicy, full throttle cuisine. 77% Cabernet Sauvignon, 11% Merlot, 6% Malbec, 4% Cabernet Franc, 2% Petite Verdot
  The Chard
Medium bodied and dry. Floral and citrus notes in the nose. Followed in the mouth by green apple, citrus flavors, mineral notes and with a lot ton of cream. More white burgundy like in style and balance.
  The Med
A Mediterranean style blend of Tempranillo, Dolcetto, Carignane,Valdique, Alicante, Touriga Nacional, Tinta Cao, Barbera and Primitivo. Vibrantly colored, rich and concentrated, yet brightly balanced. A melange of red and black fruits. Medium-full in body. Well structured with ripe tannins and a long smooth finish featuring pomegranate, cherries and tamarind.
  The Sem, Semillon
A round, well-balanced wine with aromas of citrus, hay and vanilla followed by a long and brilliant silky finish.
Perfumed and spicy in the nose. Big, rich and warm with spicy notes. Rich with mineral notes, bay leaf and subtle mint, and cedar. Chocolate cherries cedar and earthy mineral flavors also contribute to a wine that is long and complex. This is only our second commercial bottling of Tempranillo.
  The Wines Dolcetto
Intense cherry, pomegranate, mineral, spice, white pepper, licorice and leather on the nose. In the mouth the balance is precise with the fruit, spice, acids and tannins all in line. This Dolcetto is more concentrated and extracted than one might expect for this variety.
  The Wines Franc
Black fruit, clove, allspice and vanilla in the nose. Youthful and intense with white pepper, red cherry and soft mineral overtones that carry through the mouth into a long finish. This full-bodied wine has long, ripe tannins with good structure and is excellently balanced. It should age well for the next 10-12 years.
  The Wines Syrah
Minerals, black fruits, red meat and spice in the nose. Big ripe deep fruit notes on entry. Substantially rich concentrated with an exotic streak in the middle. Focused and intense with elements of currant, rhubarb and elements black fruits. Reminiscent of a Chateauneuf-du-Pape.
  THE ZIN, Zinfandel


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