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Bridge Red

Bridge Red Wine Details
Price: $7.00 per bottle

Description: Grape Varieties: Made from three red hybrids; 37% Foch, 12% Leon Millot, 10% Cascade and one white grape, Lakemont 30%. Tasting Notes: "Strawberry Fields Forever" will float through your mind as you enjoy this innovative blend. It is light, mildly fruity and has a strawberry jam aroma and berry flavor. ood Pairings: Nice served chilled before dinner with appetizers or with pork chops, duck with cherry sauce and BBQ ribs.

Varietal Definition
This French-American hybrid typically produces light red wine with low acidity. Also known as Seibel 13053, this blue grape is employed by a few wineries in New York State. The grape's early ripening capabilities are a benefit to northeast growers, but its extreme susceptibility to virus infection will limit plantings of the vine
Leon Millot:
Early french-american hybrid grape very similar to Marechal Foch.


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