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"Ottantotto" Viognier

"Ottantotto" Viognier Wine Details
Price: $20.00 per bottle

Description: Ottantotto. Eighty-eight. The number of keys on a piano. From that finite number of notes has come an infintely varied array of musical experiences. Et tu vinum - finite grape varietals, infinite wine possibilities. Barrel-fermented, aged on the lees, our Ottantotto Viognier is deep and complex. Or is it simply delicious fruit?

Varietal Definition
The most acclaimed white wine grape from France's Rhône Valley, Viognier is a highly aromatic varietal, with a flavor profile that could include peach, apricot, nectarine, lichee, musk and flower blossom. The heady perfume of this varietal is one of its trademarks, although its flavors are sometimes problematic in matching with food. However, it does well with lobster, crab and moderately flavored fish. Use it as an apéritif as an alternative to Chardonnay. The "Rhône Rangers" in California have done an excellent job promoting this varietal.


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