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Airship White NV

Airship White NV Wine Details
Price: $9.99 per bottle

Description: Airship White is made of mostly Niagara grapes and a small percentage of Cayuga grapes. The Niagara grape is the leading American green grape. It was in 1868 that two grape growers from Niagara County, N.Y., C.L. Hoag and B.W. Clark, tried cross breeding the Concord grape with the white Cassady grape. Their experiment was successful and four years later, their new vine bore its first fruit: large, luminescent grapes that changed from light green to a delicate yellow as the growing season advanced. Noted for their handsome, showy appearance, the Niagara’s are also characterized by their pleasant aroma. Cayuga White is a wine grape was developed from crosses of the hybrids Schuyler and Seyval Blanc done at Cornell University's New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, New York. It is a hardy vine and it should be picked at low sugars to avoid over-ripe, sometimes labrusca-like, flavors. Picked at the proper time it can produce a very nice semi-sweet wine with good acid balance, structure, and pleasant aromas or a fruity white wine similar to a Riesling.

Varietal Definition
A native American grape varietal, the Niagara is often referred to as the "white Concord." Widely grown in New York, it is a popular table wine, vinified in a slightly sweet style, though the best producers tend to minimize its inherent foxy (a unique aroma/flavor profile variously described as wild and musky) qualities.


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