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"Believe" Wine Details
Price: $24.00 per bottle

Description: Wildflowers and spice leap from the glass as you swirl our “Believe” Tinta Cão. The third of the “Dream - Build - Believe” trio, this wine is vinted to exalt. Through sheer force of will, one can surmount any obstacle. Best paired with Beethoven’s 9th. If a deaf man can write a symphony...

Varietal Definition
Tinto Cao:
Portuguese red grape variety which is used for port wine. Grows in small bunches, the grapes are medium sized with a thick skin. The difference with the other port grapes is that it produces wines with a lower alcohol concentration. Just like the Touriga Nacional it is less productive with regard to total crop size turnover. It is especially used in the port blends for its flowery aroma and fruity taste. Smallest of all port varieties, but growing in popularity.


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