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Samuel Adams Irish Red

Samuel Adams Irish Red Wine Details

Description: Malty and slightly sweet, balanced by earthy notes from the hops. The gentle rain and fertile soil of Ireland helped inspire this style of ale, known for being remarkably balanced. Pale and Caramel malts give the beer its rich, deep red color and distinctive caramel flavor. The sweetness of the malt is pleasantly balanced by a pronounced hop bitterness and an earthy note from the East Kent Goldings hops. Samuel AdamsĀ® Irish Red finishes smooth and leaves you wanting to take another sip.

Varietal Definition
Irish Style Ale:
rish ales are characterized by their reddish color, malt accents, slightly sweet palate, and low hopping. They are not generally bitter if true to style and in this they reflect the historical fact that the Irish have never taken to huge amounts of hops in their traditional beers.


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