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Samuel Adams Double Bock

Samuel Adams Double Bock Wine Details

Description: Intense and warming, a meal in a bottle. One can not help but appreciate Samuel AdamsĀ® Double Bock's huge malt character. We use an enormous amount of malt, half a pound per bottle, to brew this intensely rich lager. Its deep brown-ruby color is all made in the kettle - no black malt is used, resulting in a rich sweetness that is free of the rough taste of burnt malt. All that remains is the velvet smooth flavor and mouthfeel of the two row malt. Samuel AdamsĀ® Double Bock's intense malt character is balanced with a subtle piney, citrus hop note from the German Noble hops.

Varietal Definition
Bocks are a specific type of strong lager historically associated with Germany and specifically the town of Einbeck. These beers range in color from pale to deep amber tones, and feature a decided sweetness on the palate. Bock styles are an exposition of malty sweetness that is classically associated with the character and flavor of Bavarian malt. Alcohol levels are quite potent, typically 5-6% ABV. Hop aromas are generally low though hop bitterness can serve as a balancing factor against the malt sweetness.


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