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Cynthiana Wine Details
Price: $14.99 per bottle

Description: 2005 New Jersey Governor's Cup Winner. Best New Jersey Wine - Best American Varietal. This award winning wine is produced from the Cynthiana (Norton) grape that has recently been rediscovered for its fascinating wine qualities. Extended oak aging makes this a complex silky red wine with medium tannins. Drink this wine at room temperature with seasoned or grilled meats. Grab a bottle of this for your cellar.

Varietal Definition
Known to be identical to the Norton grape.This american hybrid grape is found mainly in the warmer regions of the southeast U.S. Taste and aroma characteristics of the light red wine are said to include coffee and spicy flavors.
In 1835, Dr. Daniel Norton of Virginia developed this grape varietal that was originally known as the Virginia Seedling. Widely planted in the Midwest (where it is sometimes called Cynthiana), it has become a source of interest to East Coast vintners in recent years. It produces a dark, inky wine with flavors of plums and cherries. Horton Vineyards in Virginia is particularly interested in reviving the grape's reputation. In the South, look for Norton (or Cynthiana) from Moonrise Bay, Mountain Valley, Three Sisters, Tiger Mountain and Tennessee Valley.


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