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Virginia Blush Wine

Virginia Blush Wine Wine Details
Price: $9.95 per bottle

Description: Ever stood eating grapes near a Concord vine, perhaps as a child visiting your grandparents? Just the aroma of this semi-dry Concord and Niagara grape wine will make memories come alive.

Varietal Definition
This native American grape varietal (of the genus vitis labrusca) is used in making old- fashioned, "rustic" country-style red wines, often displaying what most people think of as a "grape jelly aroma." In fact, the Concord is widely used in the production of jellies and jams. This East Coast varietal produces wines that have been variously described as foxy, meaning they have a unique aroma/flavor profile variously described as wild and musky. Mogen David is perhaps the quintessential Concord wine.
A native American grape varietal, the Niagara is often referred to as the "white Concord." Widely grown in New York, it is a popular table wine, vinified in a slightly sweet style, though the best producers tend to minimize its inherent foxy (a unique aroma/flavor profile variously described as wild and musky) qualities.


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