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Ruby Wine Details
Price: $20.00 per bottle

Description: Inspired by the complex wines of southwestern France, RUBY is an intricate blend of Tannat, Touriga Nacional, and Petite Verdot, masterfully blended and matured in oak barrels. RUBY is a dry red wine with a fruity aroma and velvet taste followed by a soft and supple finish. This medium-body red is an impeccable complement to most meats, fish, pastas with red sauce, creamy cheeses, and chocolate.

Varietal Definition
Deeply colored and tannic minor grape grown in the Pyrenees region of France. One of four grapes whose wine is blended to make the full-bodied red wine known as "Madiran". The others are Bouchy, Courbu and Pinenc.
Touriga Nacional:
Found in California and South Africa, this fiercest and best of the port grapes has also been successfully transplanted to Australia for fortified wine production. The vine produces grapes with small, darkly-pigmented berries. Notorious for low yields, attributes like its intense rich fruit personality make this grape a highly-regarded and sought after varietal. In addition to being important in port production, it is also increasingly significant in the rich, red table wines of Portugal’s Dao and Douro valleys.


Todd says...
This is a very good, strong, fruity wine. The fruit flavors are more distinctive and pronounced as compared to most reds. We served at a party and our guests were disappointed when we ran out of our bottles of Ruby.

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