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1996 Late Bottled Vintage Norton Port

1996 Late Bottled Vintage Norton Port Wine Details
Price: $35.00 per bottle

Description: This port was barreled down in the fall of 1996 and hasn't seen the light of day until early April 2004 when the public had a chance to taste what would become the First Late Bottled Vintage (LBV) Norton Port made in Virginia and the only 100% Norton Port made in Virginia since the 1800's. At bottling, this wine will taste as though it had been aged in the bottle for over 20 years.

Varietal Definition
In 1835, Dr. Daniel Norton of Virginia developed this grape varietal that was originally known as the Virginia Seedling. Widely planted in the Midwest (where it is sometimes called Cynthiana), it has become a source of interest to East Coast vintners in recent years. It produces a dark, inky wine with flavors of plums and cherries. Horton Vineyards in Virginia is particularly interested in reviving the grape's reputation. In the South, look for Norton (or Cynthiana) from Moonrise Bay, Mountain Valley, Three Sisters, Tiger Mountain and Tennessee Valley.


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