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8 Chains North Winery

8 Chains North Winery Furnace Mountain Vineyard? 8 Chains North? "LoCo" Vino? Col. White? What are all these enigmatic names and why are they relevant? Well, they are probably only relevant to a very few! First, Furnace Mountain Vineyard: this is the name of a mountain in the Catoctin Mountains where I lived and is very near to the farm where my vineyard is actually planted. I like this name because it evokes the image of what this vineyard is all about. Without any start-up capital and very little labor except my own and my father’s, everything has been earned by hard work and sheer determination. Learn more about Furnace Mountain. Second, 8 Chains North: this is in reference to the site where the vineyard is actually planted . My sister and her husband own what is perhaps the most beautiful, dynamic and diverse farm in Virginia; it is several hundred acres on the banks of the Potomac River. They have been generous enough to allow me to plant my vineyard on their farm, which is actually a very historic site. During the Civil War, the Confederate engineers made a river crossing used by the Army of Northern Virginia. The site of this crossing is on my sister’s farm and is 1.8 chains (a chain is approximately 66 feet) upriver of one of Col. White’s (a native Leesburger and Confederate officer) river fields. Learn more about a "chain" as a unit of measurement, and learn more about Col. White. Third, "LoCo" Vino: this is a nod to the county of Loudoun. We love our LoCo Vino and believe it is a fine representation of the quality of wine that is being produced in Loudoun County, Virginia.

We are open and operating Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.

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38593 Daymont Lane, Waterford, VA, US, 20197 Email:
Phone: 540-882-3374 Web:
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  8 Chains North Furnace Mountain Red, Cabernet Sauvignon
WOW! A very limited production of a phenomenal vintage for Loudoun County. Aged for 17 months in French oak, this is a classic Cab. It is full bodied and complex with big elements of black cherry, tobacco and plum. This wine will make your grilled steak or venison unforgettable!
  8 Chains North Lo.Co. Vino
This is a 50/50 blend of Traminette and Vidal Blanc. This is a light bodied, fresh white wine with overtones of citrus zest, pear and apple. It is cold fermented in stainless steel and is the perfect compliment to flaky white fish, crab cakes or just a hot summer day!
  8 Chains North Sauvignon Blanc
A clean yet full bodied varietal that is fermented and aged, sur leas, in neutral, French oak barrels. The grassy, sweet pea nose is followed by pineapple and tropical fruit characters that compliment rich creamy seafood or pasta dishes.
  Furnace Mountain Red
A Bordeaux style blend of all five Bordeaux reds sourced from our furnace mountain vineyard, tranquility vineyard, and hidden croft vineyards. This wine is complex and well-rounded offering a firm structure on the pallet and a supple, lingering finish. Great with strong cheeses or anything on the grill.
  Furnace Mountain Red Reserve
A five grape blend similar to our Furnace Mountain Red, the reserve is aged an additional 12 months in French oak barrels. The additional year of aging as a blend generates incredible integration of fruit, oak, acids and tannins for our best offering from the 2008 vintage.
  Furnace Mountain Vineyard Merlot
Grapes from our Furnace Mountain Vineyard produce a medium bodied fruit forward Merlot. Aged 11 months in French and American oak, it strikes an ideal balance between oak and fruit tannins for a well-structured, dry finish. Pairs well with pastas and tomato based sauces. Enjoy now through 2013.
  Otium Cellars Blau Frankisch
A classic grape from the Franconia region of Germany, the bright and intense fruit nose is followed by supple tannins on the palate and finish producing a remarkably smooth wine
  Otium Cellars Dornfelder
This is a full bodied, intense palate of fruit and oak. The large berries grown by the Dornfelder varietal produce and inky black, rich wine that has a spicy yet well rounded mouth feel.


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