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Linganore Winecellars

Linganore Winecellars Experience our exciting winery, where we have enhanced time-honored and old-world tradition with the latest new world technology. Learn the art and the science of making fine wine. Walk through the entire winemaking process, from the delicate crushing of vine-ripened grapes to the methodical bottling of finished product. Feel free to wander through acres of estate vineyards cascading with succulent grapes - the largest single planting in Maryland. Best of all... taste our full range of award-winning grape and semi-sweet pure fruit wines in our charming tasting room. Our staff can help you select your favorite vintages.

From Baltimore - 39 miles from 695. Take I - 70 west to exit 62 for Libertytown/New Market, 10 miles before Frederick. Turn right on 75 North for 4.5 miles, then right on Glissans Mill Road, 4 miles to Winery; From Washington DC - I-270 North to Exit 22 ( Hyattstown). Left 109 Left 355, Right - 75 North for 13 Miles. Right Glissans Mill Rd. 4 Miles to Winery.

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13601 Glissans Mill Road, Mt. Airy, MD, US, 21771-8599 Email:
Phone: 410-795-6432 Web:
Fax: 301-829-1970
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Estate Bottled. Pronounced (bah-che–o–ne), in Italian means 'A Big Kiss'. This luscious red dinner wine is complimented with a hint of oak and a berry finish.
  Black Raven
A soft, low tannin red. Aged in oak, this delightful wine is easy on the palate.
Medium bodied and semi-sweet. This wine is made from the juice of fresh ripened blackberries.
Medium bodied and semi-sweet. This wine is made from the the juice of fresh ripened blueberries.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
Our Cabernet is produced as a traditional dry red wine, and it's lower tannin levels make it softer on the palate. The wine has a light fruit background with a hint of oak!
Estate Bottled. Our Chambourcin is a rich full body red dinner wine. Overtones of berry and oak make this wine perfect for fine dining.
Estate Bottled. Barrel fermented followed by malolactic fermentation, and our sur lie aging have combined to develop this dry full bodied wine. This wine shows citrus fruit overtones and a buttery finish on the palate. Enjoy with fish, fowl and mild cheeses. Serve slightly chilled.
A barrel fermented dry dinner wine. This wine is full bodied with a buttery background rich in pear overtones. Serve chilled with chicken and seafood.
  Chessie's Legend
A full bodied barrel fermented white, with a buttery background and a hint of citrus.
  Currant & Apple
Light bodied and semi-sweet. This wine is made from the juice of fresh ripened currants and apples.
  Dandelion Wine
A semi-sweet pure wine. Dandelion Wine has been made for generations in homes in the area. We at Berrywine Plantations have been producing this delightful semi-sweet (weedy) wine since 1978. You will find this wine to be light in body with the characteristic aroma of the fresh flowers. A fun wine for an afternoon brunch.
  Fox Hunt Blush
Produced as a light, crisp, off-dry wine that is great for sipping as well as for dinner.
  May Wine
Our May Wine, is slightly sweet and flavored with Woodruff. This traditional spring wine is perfect served with fresh strawberries.
  Medieval Mead
In the tradition of ancient Kings our Medieval Mead recreates the wine of the Renaissance. Served chilled in the summer or warm in the winter.
Estate Bottled. Semi-sweet German style white. Rich, full bodied, shows an abundance of tropical fruit and apricot background. Serve chilled.
Our Maryland Merlot is grown in Queen Anne's County at the Hemsley Fortune Vineyard. This wine is full bodied with a soft oak background, rich in black cherry, vanilla and plum overtones.
  Millennium Nouveau
The first wine of the vintage! A blend of premium wine grapes is used to produce this young and fruity, low tannin red, with an abundance of fresh fruit in the glass. This wine is made to be consumed early. Great for casual entertaining or formal dining. Enjoy with good food, good friends and great times.
  Mountain Pink
Produced from Native American grapes, this wine has a semi-sweet finish and a very fruity flavor. A picinic wine.
  Mountain White
Produced from Native American grapes, this wine has a semi-sweet finish and a very fruity flavor.
Light bodied and semi-sweet. This wine is made from the juice of fresh ripened peaches.
Medium bodied and semi-sweet. This wine is made from the juice of fresh ripened plums.
Medium bodied and semi-sweet. This wine is made from the juice of fresh ripened raspberries.
Semi-sweet red wine rich in fruity taste and aromas. Natural flavors of sun ripened fruit create this traditional summer drink.
A full bodied oak aged semi-sweet white with a toasty and nutty background.
  Spiced Apple
Our Spiced Apple wine is made from apples grown in western Maryland. Semi-sweet and spiced with cinnamon and cloves. Served chilled in the summer or warm in the winter.
  Spiced Apple - Berrywine
Our Spiced Apple Wine is made from apples grown exclusively in Maryland. Semi-sweet and spiced with cinnamon and cloves, this wine is best served warmed with a stick of cinnamon.
  Spicy Regatta
This is a semi-sweet spiced red wine. This wine is great served heated with slices of orange and apples for the winter or chilled over fresh fruit in the summer.
  Steeple Chase Red
A soft semi-sweet chillable red wine. It's rich cherry background flavors are accentuated when served with anything chocolate.
Our Strawberry wine is a smooth semi-sweet pure fruit wine. Enticingly aromatic with the luscious flavors of fresh berries, this wine is soft and full of fruit.
  Sweet Chessie
Estate Bottled. Dessert in a glass! This sweet late harvest white with aromas of honey and pear are perfect as an after dinner wine.
A Pale Dry Ethiopian style honey wine with natural flavors.
  Terrapin White
A off-dry, full bodied white, produced as a Johannesburg Riesling. Aged in stainless steel.
Estate Bottled. A full-bodied semi-sweet white. The distinctive 'spicy' nose comes from its Gewurztraminer parentage.
  White Raven
Estate Bottled. A soft, crisp, off-dry white with fruity aromas which are found in Pinot Grigio.


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pj says...
The people of Mt. Airy deserve better from your establishment. The roads are unsafe after your reggae festival - 3 dui arrests and a car rolling over at your winery........ imagine if the accident happened an hour earlier and rescue vehicles could not get in to the winery do the extreme amount of traffic and cars parked on the side of Glissens Mill. Why are my tax dollars along with everyone else in Mt. Airy doing traffic control utilizing Frederick County Sheriffs. If they were not directing traffic for your winery, there probably would have been more DUI arrests. Last year there was a horrible accident and there were children in the vehicle. What responsibility do you hold in all this? How can you serve alcohol and let people leave under the influence? It is your responsibility as local business in the community to help keep our roads safe.

FEB says...
in response to pj's review first of all it is not the responsibility of the winery to remind adults that they need to be responsible for their own actions. The winery provides a service and if grown adults can not go to these events and have a DD or know the limit then shame on them. It is not the winery's fault some people just don't know how to act in public and you can not place the blame on the winery.


Blamegame says...
Most bussinesses have to pay for service such as extra police and traffic direction not tax payers. So since you have been shelling out tax dollars with no educated clue on where it goes i would suggest not blaming an event that you dont care for for wasting your tax dollars as a way to blame the establishment. DUI and accidents are never good but are you going to blame the wine makers for letting the grape ferment into wine and beer makers for every alcohol related crime. When it is the responsibility of the consumer to hold them selves and friend accountable.

Bru says...
NEVER have been to the Wine Festival, probably NEVER will (because of the traffic) Don't care who directs traffic, Don't care who pays for it. The Steeple Chase Red wine is out of this world !!! (This coming from a beer drinker for many,many years) Thank-you Linganore !!!!