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Simon Creek Vineyard & Winery

Simon Creek Vineyard & Winery At the center of beautiful Door County, Simon Creek Vineyard and Winery lies directly astride the 45 1/4 degree North Parallel; you couldn't ask for a better vineyard and winery site. Simon Creek is the most modern winery and largest vineyard (30 acres) in Wisconsin. Winery tours feature a complete review of the winemaking process from harvest through bottling and casing. The tour ends at the taste room overlooking the wine production area and best of all -- the vineyard and beautiful pond. A lounge area and outdoor terrace allow visitors to sample the finest vinifera and hybrid wines at their leisure and comfort.

Driving Directions from Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin: North on Hwy. 42 to Carlsville;Turn east on County I; Proceed East for 3 miles to North on Bochek Road.

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5896 Bochek Road, Sturgeon Bay, WI, US, 54235 Email:
Phone: 920-746-9307 Web:
Fax: 920-746-9308
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  American Cabernet Franc
A light bodied medium dry red wine with unbelievable deep red color. A Simon Creek favorite. The wine features brilliant berry-fruit flavors and a wonderful lingering after taste. Gentle aging vies this versatile wine just a hint of oak taste and aroma. A true classic!
  American Chardonnay
Probably the most popular wine in America. This wine, produced from the finest viniferous grapes features mild fruit flavors with just a pleasant hint of oak, and vanilla and a good body. It possesses a rich gold color and a very pleasing bouquet. Ideal with poultry and pasta. Served chilled.
  American Gewurztraminer
A very pleasant sweet wine produced in the image of the finest German wines. Often recommended as a dessert wine the versatile Simon Creek Gewurztraminer can be served before, during or after dinner. The wine features a pleasant balance of spice (gewurz in German) and a pleasing sweet taste. The wine leaves a velvet tang on the palate and feature a pleasant flowery bouquet.
  American Golden Muscat
A light, fruity, medium-dry white wine with a wonderful bouquet. The wine has just a hint of oak aroma from its brief storage in stainless steel tanks with added oak chips. It is a smooth wine which is versatile and can be served with a variety of foods.
  American Merlot
A classic red with beautiful purple and red coloring. Simon Creek Merlot is a rich tasting, intensely colored, medium dry wine. It features mild fruit flavors with very subtle hints of vanilla and oak derived from storage in rich oak barrels. Its deep red coloring is complimented by a mild, pleasant bouquet. Its inherent complexity complements poultry and red meats.
  American Ruby Cabernet
Untouchable Red. Based on an American Ruby Cabernet wine, Untouchable Red has a deep red color and a medium dry taste. Legend has it that a famous Chicago gangster tried to "persuade" Mr. Simon to sell him the Simon farm, now the location of Simon Creek Vineyard and Winery. Mr. Simon, like the brave "G-Men" of the 1930s, could not be persuaded and was "untouched." This wine has just a hint of oak from aging and compliments a faint flower bouquet. This distinctive wine should be served at room temperature and will complement a variety of meats.
  American Viognier
Pronounced ve-own-ya, is our driest white wine. This pleasant light wine features a wonderful fruit bouquet and hints of citrus, especially lime and grapefruit, taste. A versatile wine that can be served with a wide variety of foods.
  Autumn Vineyard Rose
A classic rose' blended in the traditional manner from the finest Grenache grapes. Medium sweet with a pleasant lingering aftertaste. A truly versatile wine.
  Door County Cherry
A Vistor Favorite. Needless to say, a Door County favorite. Simon Creek Cherry wine is produced in Door County from Door County cherries. The wine is sweet and very comfortable to the pallet. Unlike many fruit wines it does not leave a sour after taste.
  Jackson Port
Named in honor of the township in which Simon Creek Vineyard and Winery is located. Jackson Port features a deep ruby color and a mellow sweet flavor derived from aging in constant temperature stainless steel tanks. With further sweetening and fortification, the Port leaves a lingering sweet taste and aroma. This wine is great as an after dinner wine and tastes especially wonderful with Door County cheeses.
  Peninsula Gold
A true treasure of the Door Peninsula. This cream sherry has a clear, rich gold color, a full, medium sweet and butter taste with a lingering almond after taste. Great served with fresh fruit and aged cheese.


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