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Baywood Cellars

Baywood Cellars Baywood Cellars exemplifies the Cotta family's three-quarter century commitment to quality and success. Cotta Properties was founded in 1925 by Joe Cotta Sr., and after many successful years of growing wine grapes and other agricultural commodities the John and James Cotta (Grandsons of Joe Sr.) started producing wine under their Las Viñas label in 1986. With John Cotta as winemaker and James Cotta as vineyard manager, Las Viñas immediately won awards in all of the top national and international competitions including "Best of Region "wines of the Lodi-Woodbridge region an unprecedented three years in a row in the 1988, '89 and '90 California State Fair wine competitions.


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5573 W Woodbridge Road, Lodi, CA, US, 95242 Email:
Phone: 800-214-0445 Web:
Fax: 831-645-9345
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  Alexander Valley Sangiovese Grand Reserve
Winemaker's like myself strive for perfection in every wine we produce but unfortunately we never obtain it as it is something that we only strive for. However, I am having trouble finding fault in our 1999 Alexander Valley Sangiovese. It may have not reached perfection, but it is as close as I have ever come. The fact that the Sangiovese variety grape is so delicate and difficult to work with I must give a great deal of credit to the supreme growing region that our few acres of Sangiovese grapes are grown, Sonoma County's Alexander Valley. Our Baywood Sangiovese is definitely a world-class wine that is a voluminous, fully-rounded wine with a silky elegance. The bouquet shows a great intensity of fresh fruit, with lovely aromas of bing cherries, plums raspberries, cedar and soft spices all tightly woven into a vanilla background. This wine may truly be one-of-a-kind and most winemakers shouldn't and wouldn't admit this, but because of the grapes temperament and overall moody delicacy I have to honestly say that I doubt if I could ever duplicate it again. Don't get me wrong, I definitely won't stop trying.
  Cabernet Sauvignon Grand Reserve
"Very ripe with earthy aromas of black plum, current, berry and chocolate aromas. The moth feel is meaty and muscular with a soft tannic shell on the outside, finishing heavy with adequate depth."
  California Tempranillo
Made from 100% Tempranillo grapes grown in the Dunnigan Hills Appellation in Yolo County. Compare with all Tempranillos and Spanish Riojas up to $300.00
  Cotta Vineyard Port
Made from 5 traditional Port varietals: Touriga, Alvarlhao, Sousao, Tinta Cao, Trousseau. 100% Lodi 100% Cotta Vineyard. Compare with any Portuguese Vintage Port priced over $40.00
  Late Harvest Symphony
"Made from 100% Botrytis affected Symphony Grapes in the French Saurterne style has produced a beautiful, brilliant, golden color with balanced overripe fruit and mild floral aromas. Starts full, rich and round with fine acidity. The palate is then taken over by candied fruit flavors that are counter balanced by its astounding acidity leaving a long impressive velvety finish."
  Monterey Chardonnay
Baywood Cellars 2004 Monterey Chardonnay is lightly oaked, giving it its elegant and complex qualities. "Smooth, rich and flavorful, with ripe pear, apple and apricot notes. It finishes very smooth with delicate fruit notes that linger. It is ready to drink now". California Chardonnay is regarded as being one of the best examples in the world, especially California's coastal Chardonnay.
  Monterey Gewürztraminer
Baywood Cellars 2004 Monterey Gewürztraminer is truly in a class by itself. It is a perpetual medal winner in major wine competitions. "This exciting wine is marvelously fruity with a velvety, smooth texture, delivering layers of ripe pear, pineapple and white pepper flavors. It has a wonderful, soft, smooth, semi-dry finish. Enjoy now!"
  Monterey Merlot
Baywood Cellars newly released 2004 Monterey Merlot is a truly exceptional Coastal Merlot. "Well focused and complex with supple, well integrated plum, currant, black cherry and spice flavors, with a long concentrated finish. To be enjoyed now and years to come."
  Monterey Merlot Grand Reserve
"Beautiful deep ruby color with ripe berry and wonderful floral aromas. Excellent complexity and well rounded with integrated oak, black curant, cherry, plum and spice flavors that linger in a long concentrated, smooth finish"
  Monterey Syrah Grand Reserve
This wine will make you think of starting a fire with its up-front aroma of toasted oak, as you swirl and smell it constantly "flip-flops" from its toasted oak to its strong background scent of strawberries and Bing cherries as though to tease you with what it has underneath. This Syrah is typical of the style of wine which we give our highest ranking of Grand Reserve.
  Paso Robles Zinfandel
Concentrated fruit is the trademark of this Paso Robles Zin. Packed with highly complex mixtures of plums, cherries, and black currant fruit flavors which go down with a broad velvety thick coating on the palate leaving traces of chocolate earthiness typical of wines produced from Paso Robles' complex soils
  Pinot Grigio
"Rich, ripe, round and sensuous, this lush and textures wine unwraps its ripe fruit in layers of pear and apricot flavor. Enhanced with a bright dry finish."
  Pinot Noir Grand Reserve
Baywood's '04 Monterey Pinot Noir is truly 'grand' and a tribute to the quality of wines coming from Monterey's Central Coast, a GOLD MEDAL winner in its first Competition. "Aged in French oak, it exhibits an alluring bouquet of black raspberries, cassis, and ripe cherry scents, with a beautiful medium dark color, lively, vibrant fruit, medium to full body, an excellent texture with outstanding purity as well as symmetry." "This multi-dimensional Pinot Noir is superbly concentrated and robust, yet very well balanced."
Classic California Rosé at its best! The fruity, berryish nose leads to pleasant notes of lightly candied tropical fruit. Crisp acidity and a sprinkle of sweetness give it a clean refreshing finish. Rosetta is a charming compliment for light meals and festive gatherings. Serve well chilled.
The grape variety Symphony was developed at the University of California at Davis by Professor Harold Olmo. It was obtained by crossbreeding the varieties Grenache Gris and Muscat of Alexandria. When the first grapes from this experiment were crushed and vinified, a panel of oenology Professors were gathered for the first tasting of the finished wine. One of the Professors described the wine as having, "A Symphony of aromas and flavors." It was this description which later became the name of this newly created grape variety. "Packed with luscious mango, papaya, and banana fuit flavors, explains why this grape got its name of being 'a symphony of aromas and flavors.' This dry style Symphony is a perfect companion for a summer occasion with any type of cuisine."


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