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Durso Hills Vineyard and Winery

Durso Hills Vineyard and Winery Durso Hills is a very small family owned vineyard and winery. Our vineyard sits peacefully among the rural foothills of the Ozark Mountains in Madison county. It overlooks the town of Marquand, MO and Castor river, a river that always provides entertaining smallmouth bass fishing. The vineyard is part of the landscape of the town. It can be seen up on the hill to the right as you drive in from the west. Our winery at 110 N Harding St. is in the historic heart of the town and shares a quiet tree lined street with the park and simple elegance of the Sitze log cabin. The small tasting room and giftshop are housed in a one hundred year old frame house. In its earlier years it was a drug store and part of the practice of a local doctor, Doctor Gale. These old wooden walls shared a part of our heritage. Join us here off the beaten path for a breath of small town quiet. Taste our wines, browse for a gift. Relax with us. Our wine list includes six wines and will expand in 2006 to include a sweet red wine, and a new white wine. We believe you will find some of these wines to be exceptional. Durso Hills vineyard and winery is a new and developing part of Madison county and Marquand. We look forward to earning a place in their history. It's a history that dates back to a time when both were part of the western frontier. We are the 'Winery[s] of Madison County', located in Marquand, Missouri.

US 67: Exit onto Route 'A' at Cherokee Pass, 5 miles south of Fredericktown, MO. Take Route 'A' 10 miles to Marquand. Interstate 55: Exit west onto Route 51 at the Perryville, MO exit. Take Route 51 to Route 'A' (beyond Patton Junction & Route 72). Take Route 'A' 9 miles to Marquand. Alternate I55 exits: I55 Southbound - exit onto US 67 at Festus, MO. Take US 67 to Cherokee Pass then route A to Marquand I55 Northbound - exit onto Route 72 at Jackson, MO. Take Route 72 to Patton Junction, then Route 51 (toward Patton) and Route 'A' to Marquand. In Marquand: Durso Hills Winery is 110 North Harding St: second house from Route 'A', on the west side of the park near the historic Sitze log cabin.

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110 N Harding Street, Marquand, MO, US, 63655 Email:
Phone: 573-783-8324 Web:
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semi-sweet or sweet versions
This dry wine was lightly oaked with American medium toasted oak.
This dry wine was lightly oaked with American medium toasted oak.
Full bodied dry red (American Oak)
Full bodied dry red (French Oak)


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