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St. James Winery

St. James Winery For over 30 years, the Hofherr family has been making award-winning wines in St. James Missouri. We invite you to visit us and learn more about our acclaimed wines. At St. James Winery visitors can take guided tours and enjoy free samples of our wines. Our large gift shop offers gourmet edibles, souvenirs, glassware and wine accessories. St. James Winery offers a wine selection to please all palates with over 20 different choices ranging from premium dry wines to desert wines and juice. We produce over 60,000 cases of wines annually from grapes grown primarily on 100 plus acres of family vineyards. As one of the best-equipped and most modern facilities in the state, St. James Winery consistently wins national and international awards. In 1998, St. James Winery was ranked third in the nation for the greatest number of gold medals won in national and international wine competitions. St. James Winery has also been recognized by such prestigious magazines as Bon Appetit and Wine Enthusiast.

St. James Winery is approximately 100 miles west of St. Louis near historic Route 66. Located just off Interstate 44 with easy access on and off the highway, we’re right on the way to exciting attractions like Branson and the Lake of the Ozarks.

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540 Sidney Street, St. James, MO, US, 65559 Email:
Phone: 800-280-9463 Web:
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  2003 Seyval
A treat for the palate with delicate grapefruit and citrus flavors.
From 100% blackberry juice, this wine is a sweet, fruity treat.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
A dry, full-bodied wine with a hint of vanilla, our Cabernet Sauvignon was aged for two years in American oak. An outstanding wine of deep color, aromatic character and full body.
Flavors of red cherries, freshly roasted coffee and bittersweet chocolate complement the silky texture and smooth tanins of this wine. Our winemakers chose small batch fermentation and low intervention winemaking techniques, where less is more, to create this elegant dry red selection.
Our Chardonel is soft and creamy, rich in flavor. The nose hints of fresh lemons and subtle spice. This full-bodied, balanced wine pairs well with roast chicken, seafood, and lighter pastas.
  Country Red
Full-bodied Country Red is bursting with fruit flavors! Cherry and berry characteristics make this semi-sweet award winner a favorite.
  Country White
Luscious fruit flavors make Country White a treat! This semi-sweet award winner boasts a fruity nose bursting with crisp apple/pear aromas.
Deep, rich red with delicious flavors of blackberry and fig.
  Friendship School Red
A deep rich red color and lots of black cherry characterize Friendship School Red. A smooth, medium body with a hardy, fruit-filled nose, this wine is crafted primarily from the European hybrid Rougeon grape.
  Friendship School White
Fresh, light, fruity and made from a blend of European hybrid and American grapes, this wine balances nice acidity with just enough sweetness and a hint of lemon, which is why it's a multiple gold medal winner.
  Hofherr Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon
Crafted from the highest quality Napa Valley fruits.
  Hofherr Vineyards Merlot
Wonderfully created by our executive winemaker.
  Late Harvest Chardonel
A rich, dark golden hue and wonderfully aromatic nose make this sumptuously sweet selection a treat for your senses. Flavors of wild honey and fresh, ripe apricots flood your palate.
  Late Harvest Vignoles
Late harvest grapes ripen in the vineyards for up to three weeks after our Vintner’s Select Vignoles is picked. The result is a raisin-like grape with intense tropical fruit characteristics and hints of honey and botrytis. Our Late Harvest Vignoles was named Best Dessert wine in Missouri in 2002.
A flowery, fruity award winner! The floral nose of our Muscatto shows exciting intensity and its refreshing citrus and tropical fruit flavors tickle the palate.
Our Norton displays opulent fruit on the nose and has flavors of blackberry and cherry, touched with a hint of spice and coconut. The 1994 Norton won six gold medals, including three double golds and was named the Best Red Wine In Missouri.
This special wine is our first taste of the annual harvest. Our European hybrid grape, Rougeon, gives Nouveau it’s special character. Released on the third Thursday in November, supplies only last through the holidays.
  Pink Catawba
This light, crisp, sweet wine is made from the Catawba grape, one of the first great native American grapes used in wine making in the United States. It has a mild, fruity taste balanced with just the right amount of sweetness.
  Reserve Chardonel
Butterscotch and nectarine flavors mingle with a complex oak character for enticing, full-bodied results. The long, lazy finish is a palate pleaser.
  Reserve Norton
St. James Winery 2002 Reserve Norton blends luscious aromas of cherry and cocoa with notes of vanilla and blackberry. Delight your palate with an explosion of berry and licorice flavors complemented by subtle tannins and oak characteristics.
This fruity, semi-dry wine has a floral aroma, with a hint of apricots. Cold fermented to maintain it's delicate balance, our Riesling complements veal, chicken, fish or spicy foods.
  School House Blush
This blush wine is a light, fruity wine that has been cold fermented for a fresh, crisp taste. Made from a blend of European hybrid grapes, it tastes great when served with lamb or pork.
  School House White
Fresh, light, fruity and made from a blend of European hybrid and American grapes, this wine balances nice acidity with just enough sweetness and a hint of lemon, which is why it's a multiple gold medal winner.
  Semi-Dry Chardonel
A delightful full-bodied, off-dry white wine. Soft and luscious, rich in citrus and fresh apple flavors, our Semi-Dry Chardonel tastes great with sharp cheeses or spicy Asian dishes.
Our 2003 Seyval's delicate grapefruit and citrus flavors make this selection a treat for the palate. Our winemakers kept fermentation temperatures cool to accent the clean, crisp character of this dry white wine.
  Sparkling Blush
A delightfully festive wine, Sparkling Blush has a spicy fruity aroma and taste. Carbonated like champagne, this selection is a zesty semi-sweet treat.
Rich, smoky blackberry flavors with a pinch of black pepper.
  Velvet Red
Our most popular sweet wine, Velvet Red is one of the top selling wines in Missouri. A multiple gold medal winner, Velvet Red is one of our original wines served when we opened in 1970. Crafted from the Concord grape, this wine is sweet, fruity and a perfect complement for any occasion.
  Velvet White
A sweet wine made primarily from Niagara grapes, Velvet White is bursting with jammy flavors. Velvet White, like Velvet Red, is one of our original wines, sold here since 1970.
  Vintner's Select Seyval
A medium bodied wine bursting with fruit flavors. Pineapple and pear touched with a hint of honey delight the palate. Lively acidity and citrus characteristics give this wine a clean, crisp finish.
  Vintner's Select Vignoles
Lucious floral aromas and fruity flavors of pineapple and apricot characterize our Vintner's Select Vignoles. A full body and smooth finish make this wine a treat for the palate.


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rhodies says...
Norton Wine Review: St. James Winery has a similar mission as Virginia’s Horton Winery in that they want to educate and introduce to its public good, affordable wines. Don't let these affordable $6 prices dissuade you into thinking that these are only "cheaper" wines. On the contrary, their $10 middle priced Norton and sometimes available $15ish “Reserve” Norton wines are bargain value wines and stand up well to the best-that-Missouri has to offer. It's amazing the friendliness of these people in such a large wine production facility. While here, try any and everything they offer, - you will be most surprised with the endeavors they make to pleasantly please you.