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Dankorona Winery

Dankorona Winery Dankorona Winery is fulfilling a dream of the Dankos. They had been making wine for their friends and relatives for many years and always wanted to open a winery. So with their dream and support from close friends and relatives, they were able to open Dankorona Winery on February 15, 1986 with a variety of 6 premium wines.

Dankorona Winery is located on Treat Rd. just west of Route 306. Between Route 306 and Route 43.

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Address Web Social
155 Treat Road, Aurora, OH, US, 44202 Email:
Phone: 330-562-9245 Web:
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  Aurora Cream Red
Bronze Medal 1999, 1998, 1997. This delightfully sweetened wine is gently pressed a selective blended from eastern grown Lambrusco grapes.
  Aurora Cream White
Gold Medal 1988, Bronze Medal 1997, 1987. Pressed from eastern grown Lambrusco grapes, delicately blended and sweetened to produce a light fruity wine.
  Barrel Select Chardonnay
Barrel fermented and aged in oak for toasty, rich flavor.
Medium sweet, fresh grapey aromas and made from Niagra grapes.
  Cabernet Franc
A fragrant, dry red wine with a soft texture accented by lightly spicy undertones.
  Cabernet Franc
A full-bodied, barrel-aged, dry vinifera with a delightfully complex finish.
  Cabernet Franc Grand River Valley
Estate grown grapes vinted to a fruit forward style. Aromas and flavors of blueberry, raspberry and black currants fill the palate structure.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
Our award winning classic dry wine produced from the regal Cabernet grape. Oak-aged, full-bodied taste.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
A barrel-aged viniferal that finishes dry.
  Celebration Spice
A festive grape wine with natural flavors.Can be mulled and enjoyed with a cinnamon stick or citrus fruit. A limited holiday release.
Aromas of black cherry and blueberry, rich flavors balanced by soft tannins and oak aging.
A fresh, crisp, lean style, dry with citrus overtones.
Ripe melon, pear and vanilla nose. Palate has moderate richness and medium acid. Lengthy finish with buttery flavors.
Bronze Medal 2001, Silver Medal 1987. A full-bodied, dry vinifera with a light oak finish.
  Chardonnay-Lake Erie
Aromas of pear, melon and butterscotch. Buttery flavors, creamy finish aged on sediment in barrels
  Country Estate Blush
Delightful blush wine with a fresh, medium-dry taste.
Medium dry with a fruity, floral aroma and characteristic spiciness.
  Ice Wine
A very sweet, intensely flavored wine, made from grapes left on the vine until the first frost.
  Jester's Blush
Medium sweet, marriage of fruitness, crispness and sweetness. White Zinfandel lovers take note.
  Late Harvest Vidal Blanc - Grand River Valley
Early select harvest, aromas and flavors of lemon, citrus, brown sugar and maple syrup, with 17% residual sugar.
  Maid Marians Blush
A crisp, medium-sweet table wine is specifically blended to compliment that special occasion.
Soft, silky and balanced with a hint of chocolate, smoke, spice & currant aromas.
America's Favorite Red. Flavors of plum, blackberry and cherry complimented by soft tannins.
A dry red table wine with a nice oak finish.
  Pink Catawba
Medium sweet, spicy rosé wine made from Ohio's first grown and most popular grape.
  Pink Catawba
Silver Medal 1997, Bronze Medal 2001, 1998.This medium-sweet table wine is cold-fermented and bottle-aged to produce a crisp finish that is distinctively Catawba.
  Pinot Grigio
Light, fruity and clean with a pale, straw yellow color. Delicate and drinkable.
  Pinot Noir
A medium-bodied dry, red wine with an enticing bouquet and delicate intensity from a noble vinifera grape.
  Pinot Noir
A dry red Vinifera with just a hint of fruit
Cold fermented, excellent fruit, medium-dry.
Regionally grown grapes cool fermented and natural sugar retained. Aromas and flavors of peach, apricot, and citrus fruits.
Silver Medal 1996, Bronze Medal 2001,1989. A medium-dry vinifera, fermented and cellared in the traditional Germanic style, producing a refreshing, crisp finish.
  Riesling-Grand River Valley
Estate grown grapes cool fermented with naturally retained sugar. Aromas and flavors of peach and apricot balanced by firm acidity.
Medium dry, light red wine with intense fruity flavors and crisp finish.
A traditional blend of grapes vinted old worldstyle. A medium sweet versio of "Dago Red."
  Saxony Red
A full-bodied, dry red table wine reflecting the bold wines of Medieval times, producing a long, hearty finish.
Silver Medal 1988. This premium table wine is produced from American hybrid grapes and finished dry with just a hint of oak.
Red Bronze Medal 2000. A medium-dry table wine blended just for your enjoyment.
A refreshing, medium-dry wine lightly pressed from French-American grapes producing a lasting finish.
  Vidal Blanc Ice Wine
Select grapes frozen on the vine. Aromas and flavors of honey, melon, and brown sugar. Finished at 20% residual sugar.
  Vidal Blanc-Grand River Valley
Estate grown grapes, cool fermented and natural sugar retained. Aromas and flavors of citrus, pear and melon balanced by crisp acidity.
Bronze Medal 2001, 2000, 1999, 1992, 1989, 1987. The winemaker´s choice, distinctive blending of eastern Lambrusco with an American hybrid creating a delightfully mellow table wine.
  Vin Rose´
A medium-dry table wine blended from eastern-grown French-American grapes, creating a perfect wine for pasta.
  Walleye White
An aromatic medium dry wine produced primarily from Riesling grapes.
  White Cabernet Sauvignon
Fresh, fruity and delicate pink with a crisp finish.
  White Catawba
Medium sweet, fresh grapey aromas, spicy varietal flavors, full-bodied.
  White Knight
A medium dry white table wine with a light finish complementing either fish or fowl.


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