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Lehm Berg Winery

Lehm Berg Winery In 1997, Ben became interested in wine making and tried his hand with a few wine making kits. However, the results were not quite what he had expected; Ben had received some wine from his uncle Helmuth Droemer and this was the type he was trying to copy. At this time, his father Carl, having helped his own father make wine, suggested that they try the old family recipe. In 1998, Carl and Ben picked wild grapes and made 42 gallons of mustang grape wine. They also made a raisin wine and some other fruit wines. When the wine was complete, it was served at numerous gatherings in the area. Local residents asked us to consider builing a winery in Giddings and marketing our wine. Most of the local residents were familiar with our wine. Most of the local residents were familiar with this type of wine because it was the type they remembered having at "grandpa's house." As Ben and Carl visited different wineries and grape growers in the area to gain information, they made many new friends and met many wonderful people who were eager to share their knowledge of viniculture and winemaking. They joined the Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association and attended enology classes at Grayson County College in Dennison, Texas, to learn more about the wine making process. Carl and Ben discussed contructing a small building on the old home place property to house the new winery. As they considered a possible site, it suddenly dawned on them that the perfect setting for the winery already existed...the Droemer family brick home that had stood vacant for over 20 years! In 2001, Carl acquired a commercial wine making license and began making wine in a room adjoined to his home. With this license, he started experimenting with different grape varieties and the blending of wines while plans for the restoration and conversion of the old family brick home into a winery were completed.


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1266 CR 208, Giddings, TX, US, 78942 Email:
Phone: 979-542-2726 Web:
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  Blanc Du Bois
-our premium white wine made from the Blanc Du Bois wine grape which is a hybrid variety with Muscat Cannelli in its parentage. This wine has a crisp clean mouthfeel exhibiting the taste of fresh apples and figs on the palate.
  Clay Hill Red Table Wine
  Clay Hill White Table Wine
  Harvest Sherry
-made from the lenoir grape, which is also known as the Black Spanish grape. This dry red wine exhibits a destincitve tannin and oak taste and has a rich dark color.
  Lonestar Native
-made from native Texas grapes, this wine is available in three varieties - Weiss, Rosa, Rot (pronounced 'wrote'). These wines are made from a blend of native grapes using an old family recipe. Each summer, we pick these grapes from fields around Central Texas, where they grow wild.
- made using natural yeast and barrel aged in American oak barrels, which gives it a unique flavor.
-a light full-bodied wine for the discriminating palate, this wine is made from several varieties of muscadine grapes. This the perfect wine to accompany cheeses, fruit and light snacks.
-made from the Primitivo grape, which is related to the Zinfandel. It has a pleasant fruit taste.
  Raisin Wine
-made using the old family recipe handed down through the generations. It's late harvest taste and sweetness make a delightful after dinner wine.
-made from Texas-grown strawberries. This fruit wine goes well with any Texas country dish, TexMex food, with desserts, or as a wine cooler.
  Von Droemer Blush
-a mild dessert wine made primarily from a variety of the local mustang grape which has a white pulp and yields a mild juice when pressed. It has a brisk flavor with the familiar mustang grape taste
  Von Droemer Red
-a dessert wine made primarily from the local mustang grape using an old family recipe handed down through the generations. It has a unique taste that is familiar to people who grew up in this community.
  Von Rein Port


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